3 Letter Words Starting With A With Their Meanings

We will explore the collection of 3-letter words starting with the letter “A” and their meanings. The English language is full of wonders and surprises, and it’s the three-letter words that make up the basic building blocks of the language. These words may be small in size, but they are mighty in meaning, and they play a significant role in our daily communication. In this blog, we will take a closer look at these words, their definitions, and their usage in various contexts. Let’s take a journey into the exciting post of three-letter words starting with “A.”

The List of 3 Letter Words Starting With A With Their Meanings

1. Aah – an exclamation of pleasure, satisfaction, or surprise

2. Aal – a type of eel found in India and other parts of South Asia

3. Aas – a type of grass found in South Africa and other parts of the world

4. Aba – a long, loose garment worn by some Muslim women

5. Abe – short for Abraham or a nickname for someone with that name

6. Abi – a nickname for Abigail or a reference to the abiotic environment

7. Ace – a playing card with a single spot, or someone who is exceptionally good at something

8. Act – to perform a deed or play a part in a drama

9. Add – to combine two or more things together

10. Ado – fuss or unnecessary activity

11. Ads – an abbreviation for advertisements

12. Aft – towards the rear of a ship or aircraft

13. Age – the length of time that a person or thing has existed

14. Ago – a word used to indicate that something happened in the past

15. Aha – an exclamation of understanding or realization

16. Aid – assistance or help given to someone in need

17. Ail – to suffer from an illness or be in pain

18. Aim – to point or direct something towards a target

19. Air – the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth

20. Ait – a small island in a river or lake

21. Ala – a wing or a flat membrane in some animals

22. Alb – a long white robe worn by some Christian clergy

23. Ale – a type of beer made from malted barley and hops

24. All – the whole quantity or extent of something

25. Alp – a high mountain, especially one in the Alps

26. Als – abbreviation for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease

27. Alt – a key on a computer keyboard used to access alternate characters or functions

28. Ami – a friend in French, or a type of fish found in the Amazon basin

29. Amp – an abbreviation for ampere, a unit of electric current

30. Ana – a prefix meaning up, back, or again

31. And – conjunction used to connect words, phrases, or clauses together

32. Ani – a type of bird found in tropical America

33. Ant – a small insect that lives in organized colonies

34. Any – used to indicate one or some of a thing or group without specifying which

35. Ape – a large primate resembling humans, especially an orangutan, chimpanzee, or gorilla

36. App – an abbreviation for an application, a computer program, or software

37. Apt – suitable or appropriate in the circumstances

38. Arc – a curved line or portion of a circle

39. Are – a unit of measure for an area, equal to 100 square meters

40. Arf – a bark of a dog

41. Ark – a large boat or ship, especially one in the Bible built by Noah

42. Arm – each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand

43. Art – the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

44. Ash – the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance, such as wood or coal

45. Ask – to request information or an answer to a question

46. Asp – a venomous snake found in southern Europe and Asia

47. Ass – a hoofed mammal related to horses and zebras, or a derogatory term for a stupid or foolish person

48. Ate – past tense of eat, meaning to consume food or drink

49. Att – abbreviation for attention, meaning the act of focusing one’s mind or the notice taken of something

50. Auk – a diving bird found in the northern hemisphere

51. Ava – a female given name or an abbreviation for available

52. Ave – a greeting or salutation, short for avenue

53. Avo – abbreviation for avocado, a fruit with a greenish-yellow flesh and a large seed

54. Awl – a pointed tool used for making small holes in leather or wood

55. Awl – an interjection expressing mild surprise or realization

56. Axe – a tool with a heavy metal blade used for chopping wood

57. Aye – an affirmative response, meaning yes or in agreement with something

58. Azo – a chemical compound containing a nitrogen atom linked to two carbon atoms

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