3-Letter Words Starting With D With Their Meanings

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Welcome to our latest blog post where we explore the world of 3-letter words starting with the letter D. As we dive into this topic, you’ll discover the meanings of these words, ranging from everyday language to more complex terms that you may not have encountered before. Whether you’re a word enthusiast or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, this post is sure to pique your interest and leave you feeling more knowledgeable than ever before. Let’s begin our journey into the realm of three-letter words starting with D!

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3-Letter Words Starting With D With Their Meanings

1. Dad – a father, a male parent

2. Dam – a barrier built across a watercourse to hold back water

3. Dap – a light touch or blow

4. Day – a period of 24 hours, the time between sunrise and sunset

5. Den – a small room in a house, used as a private room or study

6. Dew – small drops of water that form on surfaces overnight

7. Dib – to make a mark or indentation with a pointed object

8. Did – past tense of “do,” to perform an action or activity

9. Die – to stop living, to cease to exist

10. Dig – to break up, turn over, or remove soil or earth with a tool or one’s hands

11. Dim – not bright, having little light

12. Din – a loud, unpleasant noise

13. Dip – to put something briefly into a liquid and then take it out again

14. Dis – a negative prefix meaning not or the opposite of

15. Dit – used to indicate that something has been said or written previously

16. Doc – a shortened form of “doctor,” a person who is trained and licensed to practice medicine

17. Doe – a female deer

18. Dog – a domesticated mammal and common household pet

19. Dol – a unit of measurement used for pain relief medication

20. Dom – a top-level internet domain name

21. Don – to put on clothing or a hat

22. Dor – a breed of sheep

23. Dos – a Spanish word meaning “two”

24. Dot – a small round mark or point

25. Dow – a woman’s dower or portion of property given by a husband

26. Dry – without moisture, not wet

27. Dub – to give a name or title to someone

28. Dud – a thing that fails to work properly or is unsuccessful

29. Due – expected or owed, scheduled to happen or arrive

30. Dug – past tense of “dig,” to break up, turn over, or remove soil or earth with a tool or one’s hands

31. Duh – used to express the speaker’s disbelief, surprise, or irritation at something obvious or stupid

32. Dui – a driving under the influence charge, usually referring to alcohol or drugs

33. Dun – a grayish-brown color

34. Duo – a pair of performers or musicians who perform together

35. Dup – to make an exact copy or duplicate of something

36. Dye – a substance used to change the color of something, usually fabric or hair.

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