3-Letter Words Starting With F With Their Meanings

Are you a fan of short and sweet words? Do you find it fascinating how three-letter words can convey so much meaning? If so, then you are in the right place! In this blog post, we will explore the world of 3-letter words starting with F and their meanings. From basic vocabulary to rare gems, we have got you covered. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of three-letter words!

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3-Letter Words Starting With F With Their Meanings

1. fab: extremely good or attractive

2. fad: a craze or trend that is popular for a short period of time

3. fag: a cigarette in British English or a derogatory term for a gay man

4. fan: a device that creates a current of air or an enthusiastic supporter of a person, team, or idea

5. far: at or to a great distance

6. fat: a natural oily substance in animals and plants or having an overweight body

7. fax: a machine for transmitting copies of documents over a telephone line

8. fay: a fairy or elf-like creature in folklore or to predict or prophesy

9. fed: past tense of “feed” or a member of the US Federal Reserve System

10. fee: a payment made to a professional or for a service

11. fem: referring to feminine qualities or characteristics

12. fen: a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land

13. few: a small number of people or things

14. fey: having supernatural or magical powers or acting in a whimsical or strange manner

15. fez: a brimless hat that is typically red and worn in Muslim countries

16. fib: a small lie or untruthful statement

17. fie: an expression of disgust or disapproval

18. fig: a soft, sweet fruit with a thin skin and many small seeds inside or a gesture of contempt

19. fil: a thin layer or film of something or a type of thread or cord

20. fin: a flattened appendage on a fish used for swimming or an amount of money

21. fir: a type of evergreen tree or a straight-grained wood from this tree

22. fit: being of the right size or shape for a particular purpose or to have a sudden attack of convulsions or unconsciousness

23. fix: to repair or mend something or to arrange something in a particular way

24. flu: a highly infectious viral illness that causes fever, headache, and respiratory symptoms or a flowing stream of liquid

25. fly: to travel through the air or to move quickly and easily or a small, flying insect

26. fob: a chain or strap attached to a pocket watch or a small pocket on a garment

27. foe: an enemy or adversary

28. fog: a thick cloud of water droplets suspended in the air or a state of confusion or uncertainty

29. fop: a man who is concerned with his appearance and clothes in an excessive or affected way

30. for: in support of or favoring something or to indicate a duration of time

31. fou: having an unpleasant taste or smell

32. fox: a carnivorous mammal with a bushy tail or a clever and cunning person

33. foy: a festival or feast day

34. fry: to cook in hot oil or fat or a young fish

35. fub: to cheat or deceive someone

36. fud: a type of sweet made from sugar, milk, and butter or to avoid doing something difficult

37. fug: a state of being a fugitive or a type of music originating from African American culture

38. fun: something that is enjoyable or amusing or to have a good time

39. fur: the thick coat of hair that covers the skin of an animal or a garment made from this material

40. fut: to act in a foolish or ridiculous manner.

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