3-Letter Words Starting With G With Their Meanings


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Welcome to our linguistic exploration of the letter “G”! As you may already know, the English language is full of words with fascinating and sometimes surprising meanings. In this blog, we will be focusing on a specific category of words – those that are made up of only 3-letter words starting with “G.” These words may be small, but they can pack a big punch when it comes to expressing meaning. Join us as we uncover the definitions of some of the most interesting and useful three-letter words that start with “G”!

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3-Letter Words Starting With G With Their Meanings

1. gab – to talk excessively or pointlessly

2. gad – to wander or roam about in search of pleasure or entertainment

3. gag – a device put in the mouth to prevent speech, or a joke or humorous remark

4. gal – a girl or young woman

5. gam – to play games of chance for money or other stakes

6. gan – a collective term for geese

7. gap – an opening or space in something

8. gas – a substance that is in a state of matter between liquid and solid, or a fuel used in vehicles and machines

9. gay – a term referring to homosexuality, or a synonym for happy

10. ged – a fish of the cod family

11. gee – an expression used to encourage a horse or other animal to go faster

12. gel – a substance that is neither liquid nor solid, or a styling product for hair

13. gem – a precious or semi-precious stone or a person or thing that is admired for its beauty or excellence

14. gen – information or intelligence

15. get – to acquire or obtain something

16. ghi – a type of clarified butter used in Indian cuisine

17. gib – a wedge-shaped piece of metal or wood

18. gid – a disease that affects sheep

19. gie – to give or provide something

20. gig – a type of musical performance, or a job or task

21. gin – a spirit made from juniper berries, or a device used for separating seeds from cotton

22. gip – to cheat or swindle someone

23. git – a term of insult or abuse

24. gnu – an African antelope

25. goa – a state in western India

26. gob – a lump or chunk of something, or a mouthful of food

27. god – a supreme being worshipped in various religions

28. goo – a sticky or slimy substance

29. gor – a type of ape found in Africa

30. got – past tense of the verb “get”

31. gov – an abbreviation for government

32. gow – a type of grass or a Scottish term meaning “street”

33. gox – a synonym for gossip or chatter

34. goy – a non-Jewish person

35. gub – a slang term for a handgun

36. gum – a substance that is used for chewing, or the tissue that surrounds and supports teeth

37. gun – a weapon that fires bullets or other projectiles

38. gut – the digestive tract, or a feeling of intense emotion or intuition

39. guv – a slang term for a boss or employer

40. guy – a man or a rope or cable used to steady or guide something.

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