3 Letter Words Starting With H With Their Meanings


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We’re going to explore the world of 3 letter words starting with H. While some may think that three-letter words are too short and uninteresting, they actually hold a wealth of meanings and can add a little extra oomph to your vocabulary. From common words like “had” and “him” to lesser-known words like “haw” and “hie”, these short but powerful words can help you express yourself in more creative ways. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of three-letter words starting with H and discover their meanings.

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3 Letter Words Starting With H With Their Meanings

1. had – past tense of “have”

2. hag – an ugly old woman

3. hah – an exclamation used to express surprise, joy, or triumph

4. ham – meat from the upper part of a pig’s leg

5. hap – a chance or fortune

6. has – present tense of “have”

7. hat – a covering for the head

8. haw – a small fruit of a hawthorn bush

9. hay – grass that has been mowed and dried for use as fodder

10. hem – the edge of a piece of cloth folded over and sewn down

11. hen – a female chicken

12. her – used as the possessive form of “she”

13. hew – to chop or cut with an ax, pick, or other tool

14. hex – an evil spell or curse

15. hey – used to attract attention or to express greeting

16. hic – a sound made in the throat, especially as an expression of disapproval or hesitation

17. hid – past tense of “hide”

18. hie – to go quickly or hurriedly

19. him – used as the objective form of “he”

20. hin – a monetary unit of Nepal, equal to one hundredth of a rupee

21. hip – the projecting part of the human body formed by the side of the pelvis and the upper part of the femur

22. his – belonging to or associated with a male person or animal previously mentioned or easily identified

23. hit – to bring one’s hand or a tool forcefully into contact with something

24. hmm – used to express thought or hesitation

25. hob – a flat metal shelf at the side or back of a fireplace, used for keeping food or utensils warm

26. hod – a tray or basket for carrying mortar or bricks on the shoulder

27. hoe – a tool with a flat blade and a long handle, used for removing weeds and cultivating soil

28. hog – a domesticated pig, especially one raised for meat

29. hon – a term of affectionate address

30. hop – a twining plant of the mulberry family, which produces flowers and cones used in making beer

31. hot – having a high degree of heat or a high temperature

32. how – in what way or manner

33. hub – the central part of a wheel or propeller, through which the axle passes

34. hue – a color or shade

35. hug – to hold someone tightly in one’s arms

36. huh – used to express surprise, disbelief, or confusion

37. hum – to make a low, continuous sound

38. hun – a member of a nomadic people who invaded and settled in Europe in the 4th-5th centuries

39. hup – used as a military command to urge a horse or horses forward

40. hut – a small, simple dwelling or shelter

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