3 Letter Words Starting With I With Their Meanings

Are you curious to learn about some interesting 3 letter words starting with the letter “I”? Well, you’re in luck because today’s blog post is all about just that! From “ice” to “ivy”, we will explore a variety of words with different meanings and uses. Whether you’re a vocabulary enthusiast or simply looking to expand your word bank, this post is sure to provide you with some unique and intriguing additions. So, let’s get started and discover some of the most fascinating three-letter words starting with “I”!

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3 Letter Words Starting With I With Their Meanings

1. Icy – extremely cold or covered in ice

2. Ivy – a climbing plant with glossy, evergreen leaves

3. Ink – a colored liquid used for writing or printing

4. Inn – a small hotel or lodging house

5. Its – belonging to or associated with a thing previously mentioned or easily identified

6. Ire – anger or irritation

7. Ill – not in good health; sick or diseased

8. Imp – a small, mischievous creature; a demon

9. Ida – a female given name

10. Ion – an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons

11. Iff – if and only if; a logical operator

12. Igu – an abbreviation for “iguana”

13. Ike – a male given name; a nickname for “Dwight D. Eisenhower”

14. Ilk – type or kind, especially of people or things regarded as similar

15. I’m – a contraction for “I am”

16. Irk – to irritate or annoy

17. Irv – a male given name; a nickname for “Irving”

18. Ick – an expression of disgust

19. Ith – an abbreviation for “Ithaca” (a city in New York State)

20. Ice – frozen water

21. Ids – an abbreviation for “identifications”

22. Ide – a small, freshwater fish

23. Ido – a constructed language designed for international communication

24. Ili – an abbreviation for “Iliad” (an epic poem by Homer)

25. Ind – an abbreviation for “India”

26. Ine – a suffix used to form adjectives denoting material, relating to, or characteristic of something

27. Ing – a suffix used to form present participles of verbs

28. Ipe – a type of hardwood tree native to Central and South America

29. Iso – a prefix meaning “equal” or “uniform”

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