3 Letter Words Starting With K With Their Meanings

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Do you find it hard to come up with interesting and unique words to add to your vocabulary? Well, you’re in for a treat because today we’re exploring a set of 3 letter words starting with K that you can use to spice up your everyday conversations. Not only will we be discussing their meanings, but we’ll also be sharing some fun facts about these words that you may not have known. So, whether you’re a linguist or just looking to expand your vocabulary, join us on this exciting journey through the world of 3 letter words starting with K!

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3 Letter Words Starting With K With Their Meanings

1. kae – a rare bird species native to New Zealand

2. kaf – a variant of the letter “kaph” in the Hebrew alphabet

3. kai – a type of small, uncooked food in Hawaii, often served as an appetizer

4. kas – a type of long robe or tunic worn in North Africa

5. kat – a small drum used in Turkish and Arabic music

6. kaw – a loud, harsh cry made by a crow or similar bird

7. kay – a type of small, narrow boat used in the Arctic

8. kea – a type of large, green parrot found in New Zealand

9. kef – a state of peaceful, contented bliss or happiness

10. keg – a large barrel used for storing and dispensing beer or other liquids

11. ken – one’s range of knowledge or understanding

12. kep – a type of cap worn by sailors

13. kex – a type of coarse, weedy plant

14. key – a small, metal tool used for turning locks

15. khi – a letter in the Greek alphabet

16. kid – a young goat or child

17. kif – a type of hashish made from the resin of cannabis plants

18. kin – one’s family or relatives

19. kip – the national currency of Laos

20. kir – a type of French aperitif made with white wine and crème de cassis

21. kit – a set of tools or equipment for a particular purpose

22. koa – a type of Hawaiian tree known for its dense, durable wood

23. kob – a type of African antelope

24. koi – a type of colorful fish often kept in outdoor ponds

25. kop – a hill or high point in South Africa

26. kor – a unit of currency in Botswana

27. kos – a unit of measurement in India, equal to 1.25 miles

28. kue – a type of Chinese biscuit or pastry

29. kye – a traditional Scottish social gathering involving music and dancing

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