3 Letter Words Starting With L With Their Meanings

Welcome to a fascinating linguistic journey where we explore 3-letter words starting with L, and their meanings. Words are powerful tools that help us communicate our thoughts, ideas, and emotions effectively. In this blog, we delve into some of the shortest words in the English language, which are often overlooked but have profound meanings. With L as the starting letter, we will take you through a curated list of words, their meanings, and how you can use them in your everyday conversations. Let’s dive into the world of three-letter words starting with L.

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3 Letter Words Starting With L With Their Meanings

1. lab: a place where scientific experiments and tests are conducted

2. lac: a resinous substance secreted by certain insects, used in making shellac and varnish

3. lad: a boy or young man

4. lag: to fall behind in movement or progress

5. lah: a musical note

6. lam: to flee or escape quickly

7. lap: the flat area between the waist and knees of a seated person

8. lar: the immature form of certain insects, such as butterflies and moths

9. las: a type of Mexican food consisting of a tortilla filled with meat, beans, cheese, and other ingredients

10. lat: a type of coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk

11. lav: a basin or container for washing

12. law: a system of rules and regulations enforced by a government or other authority

13. lax: not strict or precise

14. lay: to put down or place something in a particular position

15. lea: a grassy meadow or open field

16. led: past tense of lead, meaning to guide or direct

17. lee: a sheltered or protected side, away from the wind

18. leg: a limb used for support and movement in animals and humans

19. lei: a wreath or garland of flowers, typically worn around the neck

20. lek: an area where male animals gather to display their mating behavior

21. let: to allow or permit something to happen

22. leu: the basic unit of currency in Romania

23. lev: the basic unit of currency in Bulgaria

24. lex: a system or collection of laws

25. ley: a piece of land left fallow for a period of time

26. lez: a woman who is attracted to other women

27. lib: a book or other written material containing information, ideas, or stories

28. lid: a cover for a container or other object

29. lie: to make a false statement with intent to deceive

30. lig: a type of tissue that connects bones or other structures in the body

31. lin: a type of flax used for making linen

32. lip: either of the two fleshy folds that surround the mouth

33. lis: a plant with showy flowers and a bulbous root, such as a lily or tulip

34. lit: past tense of light, meaning to illuminate or ignite

35. lob: to throw or hit a ball in a high arc

36. log: a large, heavy piece of wood

37. loo: a toilet or bathroom

38. lop: to cut off a branch or other part of a tree or plant

39. lor: a unit of measurement of sound intensity

40. los: a city in Croatia

41. lot: a particular piece of land or property

42. low: situated close to the ground

43. lox: a type of cured salmon

44. loy: a feeling of devotion or loyalty to someone or something

45. lud: a game or play

46. lug: to carry or pull something heavy or cumbersome

47. lum: a unit of measurement of luminous flux

48. lun: a crescent-shaped object

49. lux: a unit of measurement of illuminance or brightness

50. lye: a strong alkaline solution used for cleaning or making soap

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