3 Letter Words Starting With O With Their Meanings

Welcome to the exciting world of 3 letter words starting with the letter O! These seemingly simple words hold immense power and meaning. In this blog, we’ll explore the meanings of some of the most common three-letter words starting with O, and discover how they’re used in everyday language. From Ode to Opt, let’s dive into the fascinating world of three-letter words starting with O, and discover how these words can enrich our communication and understanding of the world around us.

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3 Letter Words Starting With O With Their Meanings

1. oaf – a clumsy or stupid person

2. oak – a large tree that bears acorns

3. oar – a long pole with a flat blade used for rowing a boat

4. oat – a cereal plant that is a major food crop

5. obe – a type of religious garment

6. obi – a sash worn with a kimono

7. oca – a South American plant with edible tubers

8. oda – a room or building used for socializing in some Muslim countries

9. odd – strange or unusual

10. ode – a lyric poem

11. off – not on or active

12. oft – frequently

13. ohm – a unit of electrical resistance

14. oho – an expression of surprise or pleasure

15. oil – a viscous liquid used for lubrication or fuel

16. oka – a unit of weight used in Turkey and neighboring countries

17. old – having lived for a long time

18. ole – an exclamation of encouragement or approval

19. oms – a mantra used in meditation

20. one – a single unit

21. ono – a type of fish

22. ons – a unit of measurement in the clothing industry

23. ony – relating to or made of onyx

24. ooh – an expression of excitement or admiration

25. oot – to make a mistake or error

26. ope – to open

27. ops – a military operation

28. opt – to choose or select

29. ora – a prayer or incantation

30. orb – a spherical object

31. orc – a mythical creature

32. ore – a mineral or rock that contains valuable substances

33. ors – a herb with yellow flowers

34. ort – a small scrap of food left over from a meal

35. ose – a type of sugar

36. oud – a Middle Eastern musical instrument

37. our – belonging to us

38. out – away from the inside or center

39. ova – the female reproductive cell

40. owe – to be under a moral or legal obligation to pay or do something

41. owl – a nocturnal bird of prey

42. own – to possess or have

43. oxo – a brand of stock cubes

44. oxy – short for oxygen

45. oye – an exclamation of pain or surprise

46. oys – a Yiddish expression of dismay or frustration.

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