3 Letter Words Starting With R With Their Meanings

The world of 3 letter words starting with R is as interesting as it is diverse. From the mundane to the obscure, these seemingly simple words hold great meaning and value in our everyday language. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the fascinating world of three-letter words starting with R, discover their meanings, and shine a light on some of the lesser-known gems of this alphabetized universe.

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3 Letter Words Starting With R With Their Meanings

1. Rab: a rodent, similar to a hare or rabbit.

2. Rad: slang term meaning excellent or cool.

3. Rag: a piece of cloth used for cleaning.

4. Raj: a ruler or king in India.

5. Ram: a male sheep.

6. Ran: past tense of the run.

7. Rap: a style of music characterized by rhyming lyrics spoken rhythmically over an instrumental beat.

8. Ras: a small carnivorous mammal, similar to a ferret.

9. Rat: a rodent known for its long, pointed tail.

10. Raw: not cooked or processed.

11. Ray: a narrow beam of light or radiation.

12. Reb: short for the rebate, a refund of part of a purchase price.

13. Rec: short for recreation, leisure activities for enjoyment.

14. Red: the color of blood or fire.

15. Ree: a musical note, a deer, or other antlered animals.

16. Ref: short for the referee, an official who oversees a sports match or contest.

17. Reg: short for the regiment, a military unit.

18. Rei: a Japanese word meaning universal spirit or divine energy.

19. Rem: short for the reminder, a prompt, or memory aid.

20. Ren: a unit of the Chinese currency.

21. Rep: short for representative, a person who acts on behalf of another.

22. Res: short for reservation, a booking, or hold on a place or item.

23. Ret: short for retire, to leave one’s job or position permanently.

24. Rev: short for the reverend, a title for a member of the clergy.

25. Rex: a male ruler or king.

26. Ria: a long, narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs.

27. Rib: a bone in the chest of humans or animals.

28. Rid: to remove or get rid of something.

29. Rif: short for rifle, a firearm with a long barrel.

30. Rig: to set up or arrange something.

31. Rim: the outer edge of a circular object.

32. Rin: short for rinsing, the act of washing or cleaning with water.

33. Rip: to tear or cut something forcefully.

34. Riz: short for rice, a cereal grain.

35. Rob: to take something by force or threat.

36. Roc: a mythical bird of prey.

37. Rod: a long, thin stick or pole.

38. Roe: fish eggs.

39. Roo: a kangaroo.

40. Rot: decay or decomposition.

41. Row: a line or sequence of objects.

42. Rub: to apply pressure and friction to something.

43. Rue: to regret or feel remorse.

44. Rug: a floor covering made of woven material.

45. Rum: an alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane.

46. Run: to move quickly on foot.

47. Rut: a groove or track made by a wheel or animal.

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