3 Letter Words Starting With V With Their Meanings

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Here, we are going to delve into the world of vocabulary with a focus on 3 letter words starting with the letter V. While some may argue that words with fewer letters may not be as impressive, we believe that the beauty of language lies in the ability to express oneself succinctly. So, let’s explore some of the interesting and versatile words beginning with V and their meanings. Join us on this journey of linguistic discovery!

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3 Letter Words Starting With V With Their Meanings

1. vac: to leave or empty

2. vad: a ford or shallow place in a river

3. vag: a wandering journey or an aimless ramble

4. van: a type of vehicle or the foremost position in an army

5. var: a unit of electrical power or a variation or difference

6. vas: a duct or vessel that carries bodily fluids

7. vat: a large container for holding liquids, especially for fermenting or storing alcohol

8. vau: the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet

9. vav: the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet

10. vaw: an obsolete form of the letter “w”

11. vex: to irritate, annoy, or puzzle

12. via: by way of or through

13. vid: an abbreviation for video or vision

14. vie: to compete or strive for victory or superiority

15. vig: energy, liveliness, or vigor

16. vim: energy, vitality, or enthusiasm

17. vin: a type of wine or the Old French word for wine

18. vis: strength or force, especially in a military context

19. viz: namely, specifically, or in other words.

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