Chikki Panday Net Worth: Wealth of the Brother of Chunky Pandey

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According to sources, Chikki Panday has an estimated net worth of $17 million, primarily stemming from his career as a businessman. Notably, he is the brother of Bollywood actor Chunky Panday.

Income Sources:

Chikki Panday co-founded the ‘Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning’ along with Mridula Chakraborty, Kunal Chakravarty, and Vaibhavi Kunal. AFAL is dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children. Additionally, he has vested interests in property development, construction, and hospitality. Chikki Panday owns a considerable number of hotels and restaurants across the UK. Furthermore, he generates income through media appearances and brand endorsements.

More About Chikki Panday

Chikki Panday, whose birth name is Aloke Sharad Pandey, was born on 13 November 1966 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is an Indian businessman and the younger brother of Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey. He completed his education at St. Andrew’s School in Mumbai.

He co-founded the Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning with Ranjeet Deshmukh to support the education of underprivileged children. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Steel Consumers Council of the Government of India and the Telephone Advisory Committees of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in India.

In 1994, he married Deanne Pandey, a wellness coach and author. They have two children: Alanna Panday, a social media influencer and model who married American film director Ivor McCray in March 2023, and Ahaan Panday, an aspiring actor.

Chikki Panday is also known as the uncle of Ananya Panday, a popular Bollywood actress. He has had the opportunity to meet prominent personalities such as the Dalai Lama and Gerard Butler. An animal lover, he owns a Labrador named Kebo.

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