Clever Christmas Riddles With Answers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with some fun and festive Christmas riddles! Whether you’re looking for a way to entertain your family and friends during your holiday gatherings or just want to challenge your own mind, these Christmas riddles are sure to bring some joy and laughter to your holiday season. From reindeer to snowmen and everything in between, these riddles are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and spread some cheer. So gather around the fire, sip on some hot cocoa, and let’s get ready to solve some Christmas riddles with answers!

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Christmas Riddles With Answers

1. What do you call an elf who sings? Answer: A wrapper!

2. What kind of music do elves like best? Answer: Wrap music!

3. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Answer: Frostbite.

4. Why did Santa go to college for music? Answer: So he could improve his wrapping skills.

5. What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? Answer: An abdominal snowman!

6. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Answer: Frosted flakes.

7. What do you call a snowman party? Answer: A chill-out session.

8. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a baker? Answer: Frosted buns.

9. Why did Santa go to school for computing? Answer: So he could learn how to improve his algorithms.

10. I come with many colors, so beautiful and bright, I turn so many houses into a beautiful sight. What am I? Answer: Christmas lights.

11. I could keep a giant’s foot warm, and people look forward to finding me near the fireplace. What am I? Answer: A Christmas stocking.

12. I get chopped, decorated and on one end you’ll see wings on top. What am I? Answer:  Christmas Tree

13. I’m a colored strip used to decorate your tree, metallic and shiny you’ll find me. What am I? Answer:  Tinsel

14. I’m a plant seen at Christmas, which people hang above. And then they stand beneath me and kiss someone they love. What am I? Answer:  Mistletoe

15. If a lion had a Christmas music album, what would it be called? Answer: Jungle Bells.

16. If otters keep their money in riverbanks, where does Frosty the Snowman keep his money? Answer: He keeps his money in a snowbank.

17. If the end of the year is on December 31st, then what is the end of Christmas? Answer: The letter ‘S.’

18. In what year did Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall in the same year? Answer: It happens every year.

19. On Christmas Eve, Santa leaves his workshop in the North Pole to deliver presents to all the good children. What direction does he travel? Answer: South. The only direction you can travel from the North Pole is South.

20. Santa was having problems with his legs and was unable to walk so he went to the hospital to ask the doctor if he could recommend something for him. What did the doctor give to Santa to help him to walk? Answer: A candy cane.

21. What color is the Grinch who stole Christmas? Answer:  Green

22. What did Adam say the day before Christmas? Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve!

23. What did Santa need when he sprained his ankle?Answer:  A candy cane

24. What did the gingerbread man put on his bed? Answer:  Cookie sheets!

25. What do elves learn in school? Answer: The elf-abet.

26. What do you call a person who is afraid of Santa Claus? Answer: Claustrophobic.

27. What do you get when an apple and a Christmas tree have a baby? Answer: A pineapple.

28. What does a snowman like to eat for breakfast? Answer: Frosted Flakes.

29. What does Santa do in his garden? Answer: Ho ho ho.

30. What guided the three wise men to find the baby Jesus? Answer:  A star

31. What is red and white, red and white, and red and white again? Answer: Santa Claus falling down a hill.

32. What is the best present you can receive for Christmas? Answer: A broken drum.  You just can’t beat it!

33. What kind of egg can you drink? Answer:  Eggnog!

34. What would an apple and a Christmas tree get if they had a baby? Answer:  A pineapple

35. What’s the only kind of egg you can drink? Answer: Eggnog.

36. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving? Answer: In the dictionary.

37. Where do Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoy going for a swim? Answer: The North Pool.

38. Where do you find Santa’s reindeer? Answer: It depends on where you left them.

39. Where does a snowman keep his money? Answer: In a snow bank.

40. Where was baby Jesus born? Answer:  In Bethlehem

41. Which country did eggnog come from? Answer:  England

42. Which one of Santa’s reindeer can be seen on Valentines day? Answer: Cupid.

43. Which one of Santa’s reindeer is the fastest? Answer: Dasher.

44. Who is never hungry during Christmas? Answer: The turkey because he is always stuffed.

45. Why are Christmas trees bad at knitting? Answer: Because they always drop their needles.

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