Cocaine Bear Movie Review, Cast, Story, and Watch Details

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About the Movie Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear is a new funny and scary movie made in America. Elizabeth Banks directed and helped produce it, and Jimmy Warden wrote it. The movie is based on a true story about a black bear who accidentally ate a lot of cocaine in 1985. Lots of famous actors are in the movie, like Keri Russell and Ray Liotta (who sadly passed away). Cocaine Bear came out in the USA on February 24, 2023.

The Story Behind Cocaine Bear Movie

The movie is based on a true story about a black bear that ate a lot of cocaine and died in 1985. The cocaine fell from an airplane because the pilot was carrying too much weight. The pilot also jumped out of the plane with a bad parachute and died. The bear was found in Georgia a few months later with a lot of open containers of cocaine next to it. The bear is now on display in Kentucky and is called “Cocaine Bear.”

Cocaine Bear Movie Review

In 1985, a man named Andrew C. Thornton II tried to bring cocaine into the United States by dropping it from his airplane. But he accidentally hit his head on the plane and died. A detective found his body and realized the cocaine was probably from a drug kingpin in St. Louis. A bear in a nearby forest ate some of the cocaine and became very aggressive, attacking two hikers. Meanwhile, a middle school girl named Dee Dee and her friend Henry found a brick of the cocaine while they were skipping school. They tried some and were attacked by the same bear.

Dee Dee’s mom, a nurse, found out where the kids were and went into the forest with a ranger and her crush to try and find them. The bear attacked again, killing Dee Dee’s mom’s crush. Dee Dee and her mom’s escape.

In St. Louis, Syd sends his friend Daveed to get back the rest of the cocaine. Daveed goes to Georgia with Syd’s sad son, Eddie. They meet a guy named Bob who leaves his dog with a police officer. Daveed gets in a fight with some bad guys called the Duchamps gang, and they show him and Eddie where they hid some of the cocaine. Liz shows up and accidentally shoots one of the bad guys, and a bear kills the other one. Paramedics come, but the bear chases and kills them and Liz. Sari and Henry follow some paint to find Dee Dee. Daveed and Eddie go to get the cocaine, but Bob shoots Daveed’s fingers. A bear falls asleep on Eddie, but wakes up when it smells the cocaine. Bob tricks the bear and Syd shows up and shoots Bob.

Sari and Henry found Olaf, who was sad about Elsa’s death. Olaf showed them where Dee Dee and her cubs were hiding in a cave. Syd, Eddie, Daveed, and Reba also found the cave, but Reba left because Syd was being mean. The cave led to a ledge behind a waterfall. Syd wanted to hurt Sari, Henry, and Dee Dee so there wouldn’t be any witnesses, but a bear protected them. Everyone jumped into the water to escape, but Syd hurt Daveed with a bullet. Syd shot the bear, but some drugs fell out of one of the bags and the bear got angry and attacked Syd. Daveed, Eddie, and Reba took Bob’s dog and went back to their car. Sari, Dee Dee, and Henry went home. Dee Dee decided to give Sari’s boyfriend a chance. In the end, Stache was seen hitchhiking to New York with a bag of drugs, and Eddie gave Bob’s dog to his son Gabe. But, they realized that the dog ate Daveed’s fingers.

Cocaine Bear Movie Cast

  • Keri Russell as Sari
  • O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Daveed
  • Brooklynn Prince as Dee Dee
  • Alden Ehrenreich as Eddie
  • Christian Convery as Henry
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Bob
  • Hannah Hoekstra as Elsa
  • Margo Martindale as Ranger Liz
  • Ray Liotta as Syd
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Peter
  • Kahyun Kim as Beth
  • Aaron Holliday as Stache
  • Kristofer Hivju as Olaf
  • Ayoola Smart as Officer Reba
  • Scott Seiss as Tom
  • Matthew Rhys as Andrew C. Thornton II

How to watch the Movie Cocaine Bear?

Right now, the only way to watch the movie Cocaine Bear is to go to a movie theater. If you can’t go to a theater, you’ll have to wait until it’s available to rent or buy on websites like Vudu, Amazon, Apple, or YouTube. Or, you can wait until it becomes available to watch on Peacock, which will be about 45 days after it comes out in theaters.

Can I watch Cocaine Bear on Netflix?

No, you can’t. Netflix doesn’t have the movie Cocaine Bear.

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