100 Examples of Adjectives with Singular Nouns in English


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Welcome to our blog post “100 Examples of Adjectives with Singular Nouns in English“! If you’ve ever wondered how adjectives work their magic in English sentences, making nouns come alive with vivid descriptions, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explore the beautiful relationship between adjectives and singular nouns, unraveling the rules that govern their agreement, and showcasing a variety of engaging examples along the way.

What adjectives and nouns are and their relationship in English sentences?

Adjectives are words that describe or give more information about nouns. Nouns are words that name people, places, things, or ideas. In English sentences, nouns are like the “stars” because they are the main characters, and adjectives are like the “shining lights” that make the nouns more interesting and help us understand them better.


  • Nouns are the names of things we can see, touch, hear, or imagine. For example, “cat,” “dog,” “book,” “teacher,” and “school” are all nouns.
  • Nouns can be the names of people, like “John” or “Mary,” the names of places, like “Paris” or “beach,” the names of things, like “car” or “pencil,” or even the names of ideas, like “freedom” or “love.”


  • Adjectives are like colorful words that tell us more about the nouns. They describe how things look, feel, taste, sound, or smell. For example, “blue” describes the color of the sky, “soft” describes how a kitten feels, and “yummy” describes how a cake tastes.
  • Adjectives can also tell us how many of something there is. For instance, “three” in “three cookies” or “many” in “many books.”

Relationship in Sentences:

  • In sentences, adjectives come before nouns most of the time. They stand close to the nouns they describe, like good friends holding hands. For example, “the happy girl” or “a big house.”
  • Adjectives help us imagine and understand the nouns better. They make our sentences more colorful and interesting. Without adjectives, our sentences might be dull and less exciting.

Example Sentences:

  • The red apple is juicy. (The adjective “red” describes the noun “apple.”)
  • She has a friendly dog. (The adjective “friendly” describes the noun “dog.”)
  • I bought a new book. (The adjective “new” describes the noun “book.”)
  • They saw five butterflies in the garden. (The adjective “five” describes the noun “butterflies.”)
  • The tall giraffe stretched its neck. (The adjective “tall” describes the noun “giraffe.”)

Rules of adjectives in English agree with singular nouns

Let’s explore the general rule of adjective agreement with singular nouns in simple terms:

In English, when we use adjectives to describe singular nouns, we have a special rule to follow. Adjectives need to agree with the nouns in two ways: number and gender.


  • Number refers to whether we are talking about one thing (singular) or more than one thing (plural).
  • When we have a singular noun, we use a singular adjective to describe it. This means the adjective has to be for just one thing.
  • When we have plural nouns, we use plural adjectives, which describe more than one thing.


Singular noun: cat

  • Singular adjective: small cat (the adjective “small” matches the singular noun “cat”)

Plural noun: cats

  • Plural adjective: small cats (the adjective “small” changes to match the plural noun “cats”)


In English, we don’t have a lot of gender rules for nouns like some other languages do. But we still have a few words where gender matters.

For example, when we talk about a boy, we might use a different adjective than when we talk about a girl.


Boy: strong boy (the adjective “strong” matches the gender of the noun “boy”)

Girl: beautiful girl (the adjective “beautiful” matches the gender of the noun “girl”)

Examples of adjective agreement with singular nouns

Here are some more examples of adjective agreement with singular nouns:

The small puppy is playing in the garden.

The adjective “small” matches the singular noun “puppy.”

She is a talented singer.

The adjective “talented” agrees with the singular noun “singer.”

The old tree provided shade on a hot day.

The adjective “old” matches the singular noun “tree.”

I saw a beautiful flower in the meadow.

The adjective “beautiful” agrees with the singular noun “flower.”

The fast car raced down the highway.

The adjective “fast” matches the singular noun “car.”

He is a clever student.

The adjective “clever” agrees with the singular noun “student.”

The shiny ring caught her attention.

The adjective “shiny” matches the singular noun “ring.”

I tasted a delicious cake at the bakery.

The adjective “delicious” agrees with the singular noun “cake.”

The tall building stood out in the city skyline.

The adjective “tall” matches the singular noun “building.”

She wore a pretty dress to the party.

The adjective “pretty” agrees with the singular noun “dress.”

List of 100 Examples of Adjectives with Singular Nouns

AdjectiveSingular NounSentence Examples
BigHouseThe big house has five bedrooms.
HappyChildThe happy child is playing in the park.
BeautifulFlowerShe picked a beautiful flower from the garden.
BraveSoldierThe brave soldier protected his country.
TastyPizzaWe ordered a tasty pizza for dinner.
FriendlyDogMy friendly dog loves to play fetch.
BrightSunThe bright sun shone in the clear sky.
CleverStudentEmily is a clever student who excels in math.
SoftPillowThis soft pillow makes my sleep comfortable.
FastCarThe fast car zoomed past us on the highway.
DeliciousCakeShe baked a delicious cake for the party.
InterestingBookThis is an interesting book with a captivating plot.
SmallKittenThe small kitten is adorable and playful.
ColdIce CreamI love to eat cold ice cream on hot summer days.
OldTreeThe old tree provides shade in the park.
HugeElephantWe saw a huge elephant at the zoo.
TallBuildingThe tall building can be seen from miles away.
BusyStreetThe city center is always a busy street.
WarmBlanketI covered myself with a warm blanket during winter.
NewLaptopJohn got a new laptop for his birthday.
SmartCatMy smart cat learned a new trick.
CleanRoomShe kept her bedroom clean and organized.
GreenGrassThe green grass looks fresh after the rain.
YoungChildThe young child giggled with joy.
ExpensiveWatchHe gifted her an expensive watch on their anniversary.
OldManThe old man shared fascinating stories from his youth.
CutePuppyThe cute puppy wagged its tail in excitement.
GreenAppleShe took a green apple from the fruit basket.
WiseOwlThe wise owl hooted softly in the moonlit night.
DeliciousPastaThe restaurant served delicious pasta with rich sauce.
ShinyRingShe received a shiny ring as a special gift.
BraveFirefighterThe brave firefighter rescued the trapped kitten.
SoftSnowThe children played with the soft snow in winter.
AngryBossThe angry boss scolded the employee for being late.
FunnyJokeSarah shared a funny joke that made everyone laugh.
BeautifulSunsetWe enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the beach.
TallGiraffeThe tall giraffe reached for leaves on a high tree.
HotCoffeeI sipped the hot coffee to warm myself up.
SmartStudentThe smart student scored the highest on the test.
CleanKitchenThe clean kitchen had a fresh aroma after cooking.
BusyBeeThe busy bee collected nectar from the flowers.
ExpensiveNecklaceShe wore an expensive necklace on her wedding day.
AdorableBabyThe adorable baby giggled while playing with toys.
ColdWaterWe jumped into the cold water to cool off.
ScaryMovieThe scary movie kept us on the edge of our seats.
YoungArtistThe young artist displayed impressive talent.
FastRunnerHe trained hard to become a fast runner in the race.
BigElephantThe big elephant splashed water with its trunk.
EagerStudentThe eager student asked many questions in class.
SleepyCatThe sleepy cat curled up for a nap on the couch.
HappyCoupleThe happy couple celebrated their wedding anniversary.
BrightMoonThe bright moon illuminated the night sky.
FunnyClownThe funny clown made everyone laugh at the circus.
SmallBirdWe spotted a small bird perched on a tree branch.
LazyCatThe lazy cat lounged lazily in the sun.
GreenGrasshopperThe green grasshopper leaped gracefully on the lawn.
YoungPuppyThe young puppy chased its tail playfully.
BeautifulPaintingThe gallery displayed a beautiful painting by an artist.
HotSummerWe enjoyed swimming during the hot summer days.
BraveExplorerThe brave explorer ventured into the unknown jungle.
OldPhotographShe cherished the old photograph of her grandparents.
WiseGrandparentHer wise grandparent shared valuable life advice.
DeliciousBurgerThe restaurant served a delicious burger with fries.
ColdWindThe cold wind made us shiver during the winter hike.
SoftTeddy bearThe child hugged the soft teddy bear for comfort.
HungryChildThe hungry child eagerly devoured the tasty meal.
CleanBathroomShe always kept the clean bathroom tidy and fresh.
FastHorseThe fast horse galloped gracefully in the field.
SmartScientistThe smart scientist discovered a groundbreaking theory.
BeautifulBeachThe beautiful beach had crystal-clear waters.
AngryCustomerThe angry customer complained about the service.
ScaryHaunted houseThey visited the scary haunted house on Halloween.
BigFishThe big fish swam gracefully in the aquarium.
FriendlyNeighborOur friendly neighbor always helps us with anything.
ExpensiveCarHe bought an expensive car with all the latest features.
ConfidentDancerThe confident dancer performed flawlessly on stage.
MysteriousStrangerA mysterious stranger appeared out of nowhere.
GracefulSwanThe graceful swan glided across the serene lake.
ColorfulButterflyThe garden was filled with colorful butterflies.
NoisyParrotThe noisy parrot mimicked the sounds it heard.
KindNeighborOur kind neighbor helped us carry groceries.
BitterCoffeeShe found the bitter coffee hard to drink.
PreciousGemThe museum showcased a collection of precious gems.
CleverMonkeyThe clever monkey solved puzzles with ease.
FragrantFlowerThe garden was filled with fragrant flowers.
SpaciousRoomThe hotel suite had a spacious living area.
SleepyBabyThe sleepy baby yawned and rubbed its eyes.
ExcitingAdventureThe children embarked on an exciting adventure.
SweetMelodyThe musician played a sweet melody on the piano.
SilkyHairShe had long, silky hair that shimmered in the light.
ModernApartmentThe modern apartment had all the latest amenities.
CuriousCatThe curious cat explored every corner of the house.
ChillyEveningWe wrapped ourselves in blankets on the chilly evening.
PoliteWaiterThe polite waiter attended to all our needs.
JollySanta ClausThe jolly Santa Claus spread joy and gifts.
ShinyDiamondShe received a shiny diamond ring on her birthday.
DaringStuntmanThe daring stuntman performed thrilling stunts.
CozyCabinWe spent a cozy evening in the mountain cabin.
SparklingEyesHer sparkling eyes captivated everyone around her.
PeacefulSunriseWe witnessed a peaceful sunrise over the horizon.

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