200+ Examples of Collective Nouns For Things in Hindi

लोगों, जानवरों और पक्षियों की तरह चीजों का भी समूहवाचक संज्ञा (collective nouns for things in Hindi) होती है। चीजों के लिए एक समूहवाचक संज्ञा एक शब्द है जो एक समूह या चीजों के वर्ग के नाम को दर्शाती है। उदाहरण के लिए, apartment के समूह को block कहा जाता है। यदि आप एक building देख रहे हैं और उसमे कई apartment है, तो आप उन्हें “group of apartment” के बजाय एक block कह सकते हैं।

इस पोस्ट में, हम उन चीजों के लिए समूहवाचक संज्ञाओं की एक सूची (collective nouns for things in Hindi) साझा कर रहे हैं जो आपको अंग्रेजी समझने के लिए उनका उपयोग करने में मदद कर सकती हैं।

इसके अलावा आप लोगों, जानवरों और पक्षियों के लिए समूहवाचक संज्ञा भी पढ़ सकते हैं।

Examples of Collective Nouns For Things

1. accidents: A pile of accidents

2. activities: A schedule of activities

3. Aeroplanes: A flight of aeroplanes

4. aircraft: A flight of aircraft

5. ambulances: A fleet of ambulances

6. ammunition: A cache of ammunition

7. amoebas: An ooze of amoebas

8. apartments: A block of apartments

9. apple trees: An orchard of apple trees

10. apples: A bushel of apples

11. armored cars: A column of armored cars

12. arms: A cache of arms

13. arrows: A quiver of arrows

14. art: A museum of art

15. artillery: A battery of artillery

16. asparagus: A bundle of asparagus

17. asteroids: A belt of asteroids

18. bacteria: A culture of bacteria

19. balloons: A festival of balloons

20. bananas: A hand of bananas

21. beads: A string of beads

22. beans: A hill of beans

23. bells: A peal of bells

24. bills: A wad of bills

25. blankets: A swelter of blankets

26. blossoms: A flourish of blossoms

27. boats: A fleet of boats

28. bombs: A cluster of bombs

29. books: A library of books

30. bottles: A couple of bottles

31. bowls: A set of bowls

32. bread: A batch of bread

33. bullets: A shower of bullets

34. buses: A fleet of buses

35. bushes: A hedge of bushes

36. candies: A mint of candies

37. canyons: A maze of canyons

38. cards: A deck of cards

39. cars: A fleet of cars

40. cellphones: A babel of cellphones

41. chairs: A fold of chairs

42. chartered planes: A fleet of chartered planes

43. circuits: A bank of circuits

44. clothes: A bundle of clothes

45. clouds: A soufflé of clouds

46. coaches: A fleet of coaches

47. coconuts: A cluster of coconuts

48. coins: A roll of coins

49. collective nouns: A catch of collective nouns

50. commercials: A glut of commercials

51. computers: A cluster of computers

52. condiments: An accompaniment of condiments

53. corn: A sheaf of corn

54. cotton: A bale of cotton

55. coughs: A chattering of coughs

56. credit cards: A quicksand of credit cards

57. cymbals: A sign of cymbals

58. debt: A mountain of debt

59. diamonds: A cluster of diamonds

60. diapers: A load of diapers

61. dice: A luck of dice

62. dictionaries: A meaning of dictionaries

63. directions: A vane of directions

64. dirty clothes: A load of dirty clothes

65. documents: A wealth of documents

66. dollars: A fistful of dollars

67. dominoes: A falling of dominoes

68. drawers: A chest of drawers

69. drinks: A round of drinks

70. drugs: A cocktail of drugs

71. drums: A kettle of drums

72. dung: A pile of dung

73. dust: A pile of dust

74. earthquakes: A swarm of earthquakes

75. eggs: A clutch of eggs

76. egos: A pumphouse of egos

77. embarrassments: A blush of embarrassment

78. emotions: A wash of emotions

79. errands: A hassle of errands

80. errors: A comedy of errors

81. estimations: A bout of estimations

82. events: A chain of events

83. exams: A series of exams

84. fire: A baptism of fire

85. firewood: A fagot of firewood

86. fireworks: A triumph of fireworks

87. flags: A bunting of flags

88. flats: A block of flats

89. flowers: A bouquet of flowers

90. food: A pantry of food

91. freezers: A glacier of freezers

92. fruits: A basket of fruits

93. fruittrees: An orchard of fruittrees

94. fungi: A colony of fungi

95. furniture: A suite of furniture

96. garbage: A pile of garbage

97. gears: A rack of gears

98. gloves: An elicat of gloves

99. gold: A hoard of gold

100. golf balls: A flight of golf balls

101. golf carts: A skitter of golf carts

102. golf clubs: A set of golf clubs

103. gossips: A dish of gossips

104. graffiti: An eyesore of graffiti

105. grapes: A bunch of grapes

106. grass: A tuft of grass

107. grasses: A fistful of grasses

108. greeting cards: A bromide of greeting cards

109. gunfire: A hail of gunfire

110. guns: A battery of guns

111. gunships: A hailstorm of gunships

112. hair: A lock of hair

113. hangers: A jangle of hangers

114. harps: A twangle of harps

115. hay: A truss of hay

116. helicopters: A hover of helicopters

117. hides: A dicker of hides

118. hills: A range of hills

119. homework: A slew of homework

120. houses: A huddle of houses

121. ice: A floe of ice

122. ice cream: A bowl of ice cream

123. ice cream carts: A chime of ice cream carts

124. icebergs: A drift of icebergs

125. icons: A shield of icons

126. ideas: A floodlight of ideas

127. information: A wealth of information

128. instruments: A parley of instruments

129. islands: A chain of islands

130. jam: A preserve of jam

131. jets: A fleet of jets

132. jewelry: A cache of jewelry

133. jobs: A string of jobs

134. juice: A pack of juice

135. keys: A ring of keys

136. knots: A cluster of knots

137. lawnmowers: A rasp of lawnmowers

138. leaves: An autumn of leaves

139. letters: A budget of letters

140. lies: A tissue of lies

141. lines: A pencil of lines

142. loaves: A batch of loaves

143. lorries: A fleet of lorries

144. luggage: An odyssey of luggage

145. machine guns: A nest of machine guns

146. magazines: A labyrinth of magazines

147. malls: A sprawl of malls

148. maps: An atlas of maps

149. matches: A book of matches

150. melons: A bouquet of melons

151. money: A wad of money

152. mountains: A range of mountains

153. museums: A march of museums

154. mushrooms: A troop of mushrooms

155. nations: A league of nations

156. nerves: A bundle of nerves

157. newspapers: A stack of newspapers

158. noises: A miscellany of noises

159. notes: A wad of notes

160. nouns: A collective of nouns

161. numbers: A set of numbers

162. objects: A collection of objects

163. onions: A rope of onions

164. operas: A grandiosity of operas

165. oranges: A pocket of oranges

166. ovens: A range of ovens

167. paper: A ream of paper

168. pearls: A string of pearls

169. peas: A pod of peas

170. photographs: An album of photographs

171. pictures: A portfolio of pictures

172. planes: A flight of planes

173. playing cards: A deck of playing cards

174. plums: A basket of plums

175. poems: An anthology of poems

176. questions: A number of questions

177. quilts: A hotbed of quilts

178. rooms: A suite of rooms

179. roses: A bouquet of roses

180. ruins: A heap of ruins

181. salt: A lot of salt

182. sand: A heap of sand

183. satellites: An orbit of satellites

184. shells: A salvo of shells

185. ships: A fleet of ships

186. snow: A blanket of snow

187. stairs: A flight of stairs

188. stamps: An album of stamps

189. stars: A galaxy of stars

190. sticks: A fagot of sticks

191. submarines: A pack of submarines

192. suitcases: A pack of suitcases

193. Sundays: A month of Sundays

194. tanks: A clank of tanks

195. tests: A battery of tests

196. things: A bunch of things

197. tomatoes: A clutch of tomatoes

198. tools: A set of tools

199. toys: An assembly of toys

200. trains: A postponement of trains

201. trash: A heap of trash

202. trees: A clump of trees

203. trucks: A convoy of trucks

204. umbrellas: A phalanx of umbrellas

205. utensils: A set of utensils

206. vans: A fleet of vans

207. vegetables: A basket of vegetables

208. vehicles: A convoy of vehicles

209. weapons: A cache of weapons

210. wheat: A sheaf of wheat

211. windmills: A tilt of windmills

212. wood: A cord of wood

213. wool: A bale of wool

214. words: A charm of words

215. yachts: A fleet of yachts

216. yogurt: An assortment of yogurt

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