Ezekiel Elliott Net Worth: Wealth of The American Running Back

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As of September 2023, Ezekiel Elliott is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $35 million USD. In September 2020, he signed a contract extension with the Cowboys worth $90 million, becoming the highest-paid running back in NFL history. Additionally, Elliott has secured several lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Nike and Pepsi, which have made substantial contributions to his net worth.

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Ezekiel Elliott’s life and career

Ezekiel Elliott stands out as one of the NFL’s most talented and accomplished running backs. He currently plays for the New England Patriots, having been acquired in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys in 2023. Born on July 22, 1995, in Alton, Illinois, he grew up in a family of athletes, with both parents having excelled in college sports. His father, in particular, played football for the University of Missouri.

Elliott attended John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri, where he excelled in football, basketball, and track and field. He led his football team to three state championships and earned the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Offensive Player of the Year title during his senior year. Additionally, he clinched four state titles in track and field, competing in sprinting and hurdling events.

For college football, Elliott chose Ohio State University, where he became a star running back for the Buckeyes. His college career spanned three seasons, from 2013 to 2015, and saw him accumulate 3,961 rushing yards and 43 touchdowns. He played a pivotal role in Ohio State’s 2014 National Championship win, earning Offensive MVP honors in the championship game against Oregon. In 2014, he was also honored with the James E. Sullivan Award, recognizing him as the nation’s top amateur athlete.

Following his junior season, Elliott entered the 2016 NFL Draft and was selected by the Dallas Cowboys as the fourth overall pick. His rookie season witnessed an immediate impact, as he led the league in rushing yards with 1,631 and scored 15 touchdowns. He secured Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro honors and played a key role in the Cowboys’ NFC East division title win.

Elliott continued to excel as one of the NFL’s premier running backs, earning Pro Bowl honors in both 2019 and 2020. In 2019, he signed a groundbreaking six-year, $90 million contract extension with the Cowboys, making him the highest-paid running back in NFL history at that time. Despite injuries and fumbles in 2020, he maintained his status as a top player.

March 2023 marked a significant shift in Elliott’s career when he was traded to the New England Patriots, along with a third-round draft pick, in exchange for running back Damien Harris and a first-round draft pick. This move saw him join forces with quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick, forming a formidable offense for the Patriots.

Elliott is renowned for his powerful running style, versatility as a receiver and blocker, and his iconic “feed me” gesture after significant plays. Beyond his on-field prowess, he is notable for his philanthropic work, including a $100,000 donation to the Salvation Army in 2016 and hosting youth football camps in his hometown.

As one of the NFL’s most popular and influential players, Elliott has secured several lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Nike and Pepsi, contributing significantly to his net worth of $35 million USD as of September 2023. He has also graced the covers of various magazines, including Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine.

Ezekiel Elliott serves as an inspiration to countless young athletes aspiring to follow in his footsteps, embodying the values of hard work, dedication, and excellence in the world of sports.


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