Ghosted 2023 film Trailer, Cast, and Release Date

Know here about Ghosted 2023 film trailer, cast, and release date.

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are set to star as romantic interests in the upcoming film “Ghosted,” marking their third collaboration after “Knives Out” and “The Gray Man.” The newly released trailer promises a mix of action and romance as the pair meet for a date and spend an incredible night together, only for Evans to be ghosted by de Armas the following day. When he travels to London to win her back, he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving de Armas’ spy character.

While the film has been in the works for some time, with Scarlett Johansson previously attached to the script, “Ghosted” offers both Evans and de Armas the opportunity to showcase their talents in the action, romance, and comedic genres. For de Armas, who is currently nominated for her first Oscar for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde,” this role adds to her already busy schedule of appearances in leading award shows.

Ghosted 2023 film Trailer

Apple TV+ has released a preview for a new movie called “Ghosted,” which used to be a romantic comedy but now turned into a thriller. The film features actors Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. In the preview, Evans’ character is convinced that de Armas’ character is not just ignoring him after their first date. He travels to London to find her and realizes that she’s not who he thought she was and is actually a spy. The movie is filled with action and suspense. Ana de Armas was recently nominated for an Oscar, and Chris Evans has appeared in many Marvel movies as Captain America, as well as other films.

Ghosted 2023 film Cast

  • Chris Evans as Cole Riggan
  • Ana de Armas as Sadie
  • Adrien Brody as Leveque
  • Mike Moh as Wagner
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Borislov
  • Marwan Kenzari as Marco
  • Anna Deavere Smith as Claudia Yates
  • Lizze Broadway as Mattie
  • Mustafa Shakir as Monte Jackson
  • Tiya Sircar as Patti
  • Amy Sedaris
  • Tate Donovan
  • Scott Vogel
  • Burn Gorman
  • Fahim Fazli
  • Marisol Correa
  • Gina Jun
  • Victoria Kelleher
  • Sasha Go
  • Bailey MB
  • Daniel Eghan

Ghosted 2023 film Release Date

“Ghosted” is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on April 21st.

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