In His Shadow 2023: Story, Cast, Themes, and Where to Watch

If you are looking for a gripping and intense thriller that explores family ties, loyalty, and violence, you might want to check out In His Shadow (2023), a French movie that will be available on Netflix on March 17, 2023.

In His Shadow (2023) Story

In His Shadow tells the story of two half-brothers, Adama (Alassane Diong) and Ibrahim (Kaaris), who find themselves on opposite sides of an escalating conflict after the death of their father. Adama is a law student who wants to escape his troubled past and pursue his dreams. Ibrahim is a ruthless gang leader who rules over his neighborhood with an iron fist. As tensions rise between rival factions, the brothers will have to face their own demons and make difficult choices that will have tragic consequences.

The movie is directed by Marc Fouchard, who also wrote the script. Fouchard is known for his previous work as a choreographer and dancer, as well as for directing short films such as The Way You Move and Break It Down. In His Shadow marks his feature debut as a director.

In His Shadow (2023) Cast

The cast includes Kaaris, a popular French rapper who makes his acting debut as Ibrahim. Kaaris brings authenticity and charisma to his role as the charismatic but ruthless gang leader. Alassane Diong plays Adama, the conflicted brother who tries to balance his loyalty to his family and his aspirations for a better life. Diong has previously appeared in movies such as Father & Soldier and The African Doctor. Assa Sylla plays Aïssata, Adama’s girlfriend who supports him through his struggles. Sylla is best known for her role in Girlhood, a critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama.

In His Shadow (2023) Themes

In His Shadow is a dark and gritty drama that explores themes such as identity, belonging, violence, and redemption. The movie has been praised by critics for its realistic portrayal of urban life in France, its captivating performances, and its powerful soundtrack. The movie has also been compared to other successful French thrillers such as La Haine and A Prophet.

Where to Watch ‘In His Shadow (2023)’?

In His, Shadow is one of the many exciting titles coming to Netflix in March 2023. If you are interested in watching In His Shadow on Netflix, you can watch the trailer here or visit the official Netflix page.

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