Ivor McCray Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

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The net worth of Ivor McCray is unclear. But, according to one source, his net worth is approximately $1 million. Another source estimates his net worth to be around $2-3 million.

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Who is Ivor McCray?

Ivor McCray is an American film director, photographer, and content creator, who is best known for being the husband of Alanna Panday, a social media influencer and the niece of Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey. Here is some information about him:

Personal Life

  • Ivor McCray was born on November 26, 1991 in Mount Vernon, USA. His full name is Edward Ivor McCray V.
  • He is a Christian and a non-vegetarian.
  • He married Alanna Panday on March 16, 2023, in an intimate ceremony in Mumbai, India. They had been dating since 2019 and met at a Halloween party.
  • He has three younger brothers and a sister named Brie.
  • He does not have a sweet tooth, unlike his wife.
  • He is interested in cryptocurrencies and invests in them frequently.
  • He wants to have four children, while Alanna wants to have two.

Education and Career

  • Ivor McCray graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Aeronautical Management Technology.
  • He started his career as an assistant tour manager at The Revels Group and as a communication intern at Arizona State University.
  • He then worked as a merchandising manager and tour assistant at Party Next Door, a Canadian rapper and singer.
  • He later shifted his focus to photography and videography and founded his own production company, Kill Shot Motion Pictures.
  • He directs, designs, and develops live visuals for various artists and festivals, such as Drake, Giveon, Bad Bunny, Chronixx, Coachella Fest, and Ovo Fest.
  • He also runs a YouTube channel with his wife, Alanna & Ivor, which has over 162K subscribers. The channel features mini-vlogs about their daily life, travel, and fun challenges.


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