Jeremy Robinson Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

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Robinson, the founder of the JR Law Group and a lawyer specializing in criminal defense and personal injury cases, is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, he experienced a challenging upbringing.

In an interview with Shoutout Atlanta in August 2021, Robinson shared about his struggles, including being raised by a single mother who battled drug addiction.

To turn his life around after making some regrettable decisions, Robinson enlisted in the military.

Jeremy Robinson Net Worth

According to various sources, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Jeremy Robinson’s Life

Jeremy Robinson grew up in New Orleans with his mom who had a drug addiction. He got into trouble when he was a teenager and ended up in juvenile jail, but he got his high school diploma while he was there. After he got out, he joined the Marine Corps and went to Iraq, where he survived a grenade attack and received a medal.

He worked hard and got promoted twice to become a Sergeant. While he was in the military, he also earned a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and won another medal. After 14 years of service, he left the military and went to law school at night while working at a naval base during the day.

When he was almost done with law school, he did an internship at a law firm that helped people who were hurt in accidents. This taught him more about how to help people who needed legal help.

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