Katherine Johnson Quotes to Inspire Your Inner Mathematician

Welcome to my blog about Katherine Johnson quotes! Katherine Johnson was an American mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of mathematics and space exploration. She is best known for her work as a “human computer” for NASA, where she performed complex calculations that were critical to the success of numerous space missions.

Throughout her life, Katherine Johnson was an inspiration to many. Her intelligence, perseverance, and dedication to her work were truly remarkable, and she paved the way for women and people of color in the STEM fields.

In this blog, we will explore some of Katherine Johnson’s most inspiring and thought-provoking quotes. From her insights on the power of education to her reflections on the importance of diversity in science and technology, Katherine Johnson’s words continue to resonate with us today.

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Katherine Johnson Quotes

1. Quotes on Empowerment and Self-Confidence

1. “Like what you do, and then you will do your best.” ― Katherine Johnson

When you enjoy the work you’re doing, you’ll naturally put in your best effort. Finding something you love can inspire you to excel.

2. “I don’t have a feeling of inferiority. Never had. I’m as good as anybody, but no better.” ― Katherine Johnson

I don’t feel like I’m less capable than others. I have the same worth and abilities as anyone else, neither more nor less.

3. “Girls are capable of doing everything men are capable of doing. Sometimes they have more imagination than men.” ― Katherine Johnson

Girls can do anything that boys can do. In fact, they might even have more creativity and ideas in some cases.

4. “Take all the courses in your curriculum. Do the research. Ask questions. Find someone doing what you are interested in! Be curious!” ― Katherine Johnson

Make the most of your education. Learn from your classes, explore further by researching, inquire when you’re curious, seek out people who are doing what you want to do, and always keep your curiosity alive.

2. Quotes on Learning and Curiosity

5. “Our teachers made such a difference – all my teachers and professors were very supportive and nurturing.” ― Katherine Johnson

My teachers played a big role in my life. They were kind and helpful, which had a positive impact on me.

6. “I’m always interested in learning something new.” ― Katherine Johnson

I’m constantly excited about discovering new things and gaining knowledge.

7. “I like to learn. That’s an art and a science.” ― Katherine Johnson

I enjoy the process of gaining knowledge. Learning is both a creative skill and a systematic process.

3. Quotes on Overcoming Challenges and Assertiveness

8. “We needed to be assertive as women in those days – assertive and aggressive – and the degree to which we had to be that way depended on where you were. I had to be.” ― Katherine Johnson

Back when I was younger, women had to be confident and strong in expressing themselves, sometimes even forceful, especially in situations where people didn’t expect it. I had to act this way too.

9. “Everything was so new – the whole idea of going into space was new and daring. There were no textbooks, so we had to write them.” ― Katherine Johnson

When we were starting space exploration, the concept of going to space was very new and exciting. There weren’t any existing books or resources to guide us, so we had to create the information ourselves.

10. “Let me do it. You tell me when you want it and where you want it to land, and I’ll do it backwards and tell you when to take off.” ― Katherine Johnson

Allow me to handle it. You give me the details about where and when something should happen, and I’ll figure out the steps in reverse – how it needs to begin so that it ends up the way you want.

4. Quotes on Mathematics, Science, and Technology

11. “Everything is physics and math.” ― Katherine Johnson

Many things in the world can be explained or understood using physics and math. These subjects help us make sense of how things work.

12. “In math, you’re either right or you’re wrong.” ― Katherine Johnson

In math, there’s usually a clear correct answer and incorrect answers. It’s like a puzzle where you have to find the right solution.

13. “I counted everything. I counted the steps to the road, the steps up to church, the number of dishes and silverware I washed… anything that could be counted, I did.” ― Katherine Johnson

I liked to keep track of numbers in my daily life. I counted things like steps, dishes, and more. Counting helped me understand and organize things.

14. “I see a picture right now that’s not parallel, so I’m going to go straighten it. Things must be in order.” ― Katherine Johnson

I notice that something is not lined up correctly. I want to fix it because I believe things should be neat and arranged properly.

15. “We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away, but there will always be science, engineering, and technology. And there will always, always be mathematics.” ― Katherine Johnson

Over time, some things may become less important, but fields like science, engineering, technology, and math will always be around. They’re essential and will never go away.

5. Quotes on Success and Pride

16. “I felt most proud on the success of the Apollo mission.” ― Katherine Johnson

I was happiest and felt really good when the Apollo mission succeeded. It was a big achievement, and I was proud to have been a part of it.

17. “I was just excited to have challenging work to do and smart people to work with.” ― Katherine Johnson

I was really happy because I had interesting and difficult tasks to complete. I was also excited because I got to collaborate with intelligent and capable people.

6. Quotes on Education and Family

18. “Many professors tell you that you’d be good at this or that, but they don’t always help you with that career path.” ― Katherine Johnson

Sometimes, teachers say you’re good at certain things, but they might not guide you on how to turn those skills into a job. They might not show you the way to use your talents in a career.

19. “I had a very, very interesting childhood, but, oh my, education was the primary focus in our family.” ― Katherine Johnson

When I was young, I had a lot of exciting experiences. However, the most important thing for my family was making sure I got a good education. Learning was the main priority.

20. “Go see ‘Hidden Figures,’ and take a young person! It will give a more positive outlook on what is possible if you work hard, do your best, and are prepared.” ― Katherine Johnson

Watch the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ and bring a young person with you! The film will show you how positive things can happen if you work really hard, give your best effort, and are ready for opportunities.

21. “I liked working with smart people.” ― Katherine Johnson

I enjoyed collaborating with intelligent individuals. It’s great to team up with people who are clever and capable.

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