Lachlan Murdoch Net Worth in 2023: A Deep Dive into His Wealth

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Lachlan Murdoch is one of the richest and most powerful media moguls in the world. He is the son of Rupert Murdoch, who founded News Corp, one of the largest media conglomerates in history. How much is Lachlan Murdoch worth and how did he make his fortune? In this post, we will explore the net worth of Lachlan Murdoch and more information about him.

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Who is Lachlan Murdoch?

Lachlan Murdoch is a highly affluent and influential individual who holds key positions within several major media companies. He is the son of Rupert Murdoch, a media magnate who possesses a vast array of newspapers, TV channels, and other media outlets worldwide. Lachlan Murdoch was born in London but holds citizenship in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He pursued a degree in philosophy at Princeton University in the US.

Lachlan has worked for his father’s companies both in Australia and the US, while also venturing into his own business endeavors. Over the years, he has experienced some disagreements with his father and his brother James, both of whom were also involved in the family business.

At present, Lachlan Murdoch serves as the executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, which owns prominent TV channels in the US, including Fox News and Fox Sports. Additionally, he holds the position of chairman at News Corp, which boasts ownership of globally recognized newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, and The Australian. He also holds the role of executive chairman at Nova Entertainment, a company that owns radio stations in Australia.

Personal life:

  • Lachlan Murdoch was born on September 8, 1971, in London, England, as the eldest son of American media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his former wife Anna Maria Torv.
  • He was raised in New York City, where his father owned the New York Post. He received his primary and secondary education at the Aspen Country Day School in Aspen, Colorado, Trinity School in New York City, and Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.
  • He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Princeton University in 1994. While at Princeton, he studied philosophy with Béatrice Longuenesse and Alan Hajek.
  • He married British-born Australian model and actress Sarah O’Hare in 1999. They have three children: Kalan Alexander (born in 2004), Aidan Patrick (born in 2006), and Aerin Elisabeth (born in 2010).
  • He has citizenship of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He resides in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, Australia.


  • Lachlan Murdoch is one of six children of Rupert Murdoch, who has been married four times. His siblings are Prudence (from his father’s first marriage to Patricia Booker), Elisabeth, James (from his father’s second marriage to Anna Torv), and Grace and Chloe (from his father’s third marriage to Wendi Deng).
  • He is also the stepson of Jerry Hall, whom his father married in 2016.
  • He is the nephew of Janet Calvert-Jones, Anne Kantor, and Helen Handbury, who are Rupert Murdoch’s sisters.
  • He is the cousin of Matt Handbury, who is a media executive and environmentalist.
  • He is the father-in-law of James Blunt, who is a singer-songwriter and married to his sister-in-law Sofia Wellesley.

Career and accomplishments

Murdoch is a successful businessman and media executive. He is also a controversial figure, but there is no doubt that he is a major player in the global media industry. Here are some points about his career and accomplishments:

  • Started his career as a reporter for the Queensland newspaper, The Courier-Mail, in 1992.
  • Became the deputy CEO of News Limited, the Australian branch of his father’s media empire, in 1996.
  • Launched Australia’s first national free-to-air TV network, Network Ten, in 1997.
  • Moved to the US in 2000 and became the deputy chief operating officer of News Corporation, overseeing its internet, TV, and film businesses.
  • Resigned from his executive roles in 2005 and founded his own investment company, Illyria Pty Ltd, which acquired stakes in various media and technology companies.
  • Returned to his father’s company in 2014 as the co-chairman of News Corp and the chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox.
  • Led the sale of most of 21st Century Fox’s assets to Disney for $71 billion in 2019.
  • Is now the executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, which owns the remaining assets of 21st Century Fox, including Fox News, Fox Sports, and other TV channels.
  • Is also the chairman of News Corp, which owns The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, The Australian, and other newspapers around the world.
  • Is also the executive chairman of Nova Entertainment, which owns radio stations in Australia.
  • Has been named as one of the most influential people in media by various publications, such as The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, and Forbes.

The Net Worth of Lachlan Murdoch

According to web sources, as of 2023, Lachlan Murdoch’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.7 billion. He amassed his fortune through his involvement with his father’s media empire, News Corp, and its spin-off company, Fox Corporation. Additionally, he founded his own investment company, Illyria Pty Ltd, which acquired stakes in various media and technology companies. Some of his wealth was also inherited from his father, Rupert Murdoch, whose net worth is estimated at $$17.2 billion.

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