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This is a list of big earthquakes that have happened in New Zealand. The list only includes earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.0 or higher, except for a few that had a moderate impact. The list does not include aftershocks unless they were very important or caused deaths. Earthquakes happen a lot in New Zealand because the country is located where two tectonic plates collide. Most earthquakes happen along a line from Fiordland in the southwest to East Cape in the northeast. This line follows the boundary between the two plates. Big earthquakes are less common along the central Alpine Fault because the plates there are not moving in the same way.

List of Earthquakes in New Zealand

Sl NoDateLocationMagnitudeDept
11100Alpine Fault, South Island7.6–8.3
21460Wellington Region, Wellington825 km
31610–20Alpine Fault, South Island7.6–8.3
41717Alpine Fault, South Island8.1
51815New Plymouth, Taranaki725 km
61817Fiordland, South Island725 km
71826Fiordland, South Island825 km
81835South Auckland, Auckland725 km
91838Waitotara Forest, Manawatu725 km
1026/05/1840Paraparaumu, Wellington625 km
1108/07/1843Near Taihape, Manawatu7.612 km
1213/07/1846Snares Islands, Southland6.325 km
1319/11/1846Karamea, West Coast6.525 km
1404/12/1846Wellington, Wellington625 km
1516/10/1848Blenheim, Marlborough7.412 km
1627/07/1851Motueka, Tasman625 km
1723/01/1855Lake Wairarapa, Wairarapa8.233 km
1823/02/1863Waipukurau, Hawke’s Bay7.525 km
1919/10/1868Cape Farewell, Tasman7.212 km
2005/06/1869Christchurch, Canterbury4.7–5.75 km
2126/02/1876Oamaru, Otago5.812 km
2218/07/1876Palmerston North, Manawatu6.850 km
2325/06/1881Palmerston North, Manawatu6.733 km
2405/12/1881Castle Hill[37], Canterbury612 km
2501/09/1888Lewis Pass, Canterbury712 km
2623/06/1891W of Port Waikato, Waikato6.212 km
2712/02/1893Nelson, Tasman Bay6.770 km
2818/08/1895Taupo, Bay of Plenty612 km
2908/12/1897Wanganui, Manawatu6.540 km
3016/11/1901Cheviot, North Canterbury6.812 km
3109/08/1904Cape Turnagain, Hawke’s Bay716 km
3212/04/1913Masterton, Wairarapa5.612 km
3307/10/1914East Cape, Gisborne6.612 km
3422/11/1914Mayor Island, Bay of Plenty7.3300 km
3501/05/1917Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands850 km
3606/08/1917Tinui, Wairarapa6.812 km
3703/11/1918Puysegur Trench, South of New Zealand6.850 km
3829/06/1921Kaweka Forest, Hawke’s Bay780 km
3925/12/1922Motunau, North Canterbury6.420 km
4017/10/1926Ahimanawa Range, Hawke’s Bay680 km
4109/03/1929Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury711 km
4217/06/1929Murchison, West Coast7.39 km
4323/06/1929Murchison, West Coast6.514 km
4412/02/1930Porangahau, Hawke’s Bay6.233 km
4503/02/1931North of Napier, Hawke’s Bay7.420 km
4613/02/1931East of Napier, Hawke’s Bay7.316 km
4707/05/1931Gisborne, Gisborne612 km
4822/09/1931Raukumara Range, Bay of Plenty680 km
4905/03/1932White Island, Bay of Plenty630 km
5016/09/1932Wairoa, Hawke’s Bay6.98 km
5105/03/1934Pahiatua, Manawatu7.212 km
5215/03/1934Wairoa, Hawke’s Bay6.325 km
5324/05/1936Whakatane, Bay of Plenty6.5150 km
5417/12/1938Charles Sound, Southland747 km
5511/02/1939Fiordland, Southland725 km
5626/02/1940Hastings, Hawke’s Bay625 km
5724/06/1942Masterton, Wairarapa6.912 km
5801/08/1942Masterton, Wairarapa6.840 km
5902/12/1942Masteron, Wairarapa620 km
6017/02/1943Te Anau, Southland6.236 km
6108/05/1943Wanaka, Otago5.950 km
6202/08/1943Te Anau, Southland6.133 km
6302/09/1945Puysegur Bank, Southland6.512 km
6427/06/1946Lake Coleridge, Canterbury6.59 km
6526/03/1947Offshore Poverty Bay, Gisborne5.915 km
6617/05/1947Offshore Tolaga Bay, Gisborne5.615 km
6728/08/1947Offshore Mahia Peninsula, Gisborne6.37 km
6813/10/1947Jackson Bay, West Coast6.218 km
6923/05/1948Waiau, North Canterbury6.44 km
7009/02/1949Hawera, Taranaki6.4199 km
7111/01/1951Cheviot, North Canterbury5.512 km
7210/02/1951Porangahau, Hawke’s Bay6.133 km
7328/03/1951White Island, Bay of Plenty6.4394 km
7423/04/1951Cape Runaway, Bay of Plenty6.280 km
7524/06/1951Toaroa Junction, Manawatu6.333 km
7628/08/1952Porangahau, Hawke’s Bay5.812 km
7729/09/1953Tauranga, Bay of Plenty7.2273 km
7827/02/1955Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.818 km
7930/01/1956White Island, Bay of Plenty5.912 km
8029/12/1956Matawai, Gisborne6.333 km
8131/01/1958Ashley Clinton, Hawke’s Bay6.112 km
8210/12/1958Mayor Island, Bay of Plenty6.1285 km
8314/09/1959Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.835 km
8428/03/1960Mokau, Taranaki6.6237 km
8528/03/1960Mokau, Taranaki6.5209 km
8625/05/1960Milford Sound, Southland6.312 km
8704/02/1961Tauranga, Bay of Plenty6309 km
8827/12/1961Martinborough, Wellington6.212 km
8910/05/1962Westport, West Coast5.67 km
9023/12/1962Peria, Northland4.812 km
9118/12/1963Raoul Islands, Kermadec Islands7.735 km
9211/04/1965Kaikoura, North Canterbury6.112 km
9321/05/1965George Sound, Southland6.4101 km
9409/12/1965Cape Runaway, Bay of Plenty6.5190 km
9504/03/1966Gisborne, East Cape633 km
9623/04/1966Cook Strait, Marlborough5.812 km
9724/05/1968Inangahua Junction, West Coast6.712 km
9825/09/1968Solander Trough, Southland5.912 km
9909/01/1972Te Aroha, Waikato5.312 km
10005/01/1973Taumarunui, King Country7163 km
10109/04/1974Dunedin, Otago4.912 km
10205/11/1974Opunake, Taranaki612 km
10305/05/1976Milford Sound, Southland6.612 km
10415/01/1976Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.843 km
10515/01/1976Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands8.231 km
10628/10/1976Te Puke, Bay of Plenty4.912 km
10718/01/1977Cook Strait, Marlborough633 km
10812/10/1979Puysegur Trench, South of New Zealand6.512 km
10908/03/1984Matawai, Bay of Plenty6.475 km
11025/06/1984Macauley River, Canterbury5.912 km
11131/12/1984White Island, Bay of Plenty6.312 km
11226/09/1985Kermadec Trench, Kermadec Islands733 km
11321/10/1986Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.729 km
11402/03/1987Edgecumbe, Bay of Plenty6.110 km
11509/03/1987Pegasus Bay, Canterbury5.230 km
11604/06/1988Te Anau, Southland6.173 km
11724/05/1989Puysegur Trench, South of New Zealand8.2
11831/05/1989Doubtful Sound, Southland6.123 km
11910/02/1990Lake Tennyson, North Canterbury5.88 km
12019/02/1990Weber, Manawatu5.923 km
12113/05/1990Weber, Manawatu6.211 km
12228/01/1991Buller Ranges, West Coast6.110 km
12329/01/1991Buller Ranges, West Coast6.317.3 km
12409/09/1991South Taranaki Bight, Manawatu6.386 km
12527/05/1992Wairau Valley, Marlborough6.879 km
12621/06/1992White Island, Bay of Plenty6.15 km
12711/04/1993Tikokino, Hawke’s Bay6.125 km
12810/08/1993Secretary Island, Southland6.722 km
12910/08/1993Ormond, East Cape6.339 km
13018/06/1994Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury6.74 km
13119/06/1994Lake Coleridge, Canterbury6.15 km
13206/02/1995Offshore East Cape, Gisborne715 km
13310/02/1995NE of New Zealand, East Cape6.612 km
13424/11/1995Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury6.37 km
13525/05/1997Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.9339 km
13620/04/1998Taumarunui, King Country6.7232 km
13725/10/1999Taupo, Waikato7160 km
13815/08/2000L’Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands7.6436 km
13901/11/2000Fiordland, Southland6.29 km
14021/08/2001NE of New Zealand, East Cape7.133 km
14121/10/2001NE of New Zealand, East Cape6.312 km
14208/12/2001Haast, West Coast6.25 km
14322/08/2003Fiordland, Southland724 km
14418/07/2004Lake Rotomā, Bay of Plenty5.15 km
14522/11/2004Puysegur Trench, South of New Zealand7.112 km
14624/12/2004Macquarie Ridge, South of New Zealand8.135 km
14714/03/2005W of New Zealand, Btw. Taranaki & Tasman6.4154 km
14816/05/2006L’Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands7.5150 km
14916/05/2006Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.133 km
15016/10/2007Fiordland, Southland6.75 km
15109/12/2007Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.8152 km
15220/12/2007Gisborne, East Cape6.744 km
15325/08/2008Hastings, Hawke’s Bay5.932 km
15415/07/2009Puysegur Trench, South of New Zealand6.133 km
15515/07/2009Dusky Sound, Southland7.812 km
15604/09/2010Darfield, Canterbury7.111 km
15722/02/2011Christchurch, Canterbury6.36 km
15813/06/2011Christchurch, Canterbury6.47 km
15905/07/2011Taupo, Waikato6.5153 km
16007/07/2011Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.620 km
16122/10/2011Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.333 km
16223/12/2011Christchurch, Canterbury67 km
16321/07/2013Cook Strait, Marlborough6.517 km
16416/08/2013Lake Grassmere, Marlborough6.68 km
16516/08/2013Lake Grassmere, Marlborough68 km
16620/01/2014Eketahuna, Wairarapa6.234 km
16713/10/2014Fiordland, Southland6.29 km
16814/10/2014NE of Whakatane, Bay of Plenty6.582 km
16917/11/2014NE of Gisborne, Gisborne6.522 km
17006/01/2015W of Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury65 km
17124/04/2015SE of St Arnaud, Marlborough6.252 km
17204/05/2015W of Wanaka, Otago6.24 km
17302/02/2016E of Macauley Island, Kermadec Islands6.6366 km
17414/02/2016Christchurch, Canterbury5.715 km
17502/09/2016NE of East Cape, East Cape7.155 km
17614/11/2016Culverden, North Canterbury7.815 km
17730/10/2018SW of Taumarunui, Manawatū-Whanganui6.5207 km
17819/06/2020SE of L’Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands7.410 km
17905/03/2021East of East Cape, Gisborne790 km
18005/03/2021S of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands7.456 km
18105/03/2021S of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands8.119 km
18206/03/2021NE of Gisborne, Gisborne6.39 km
18320/06/2021S of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands6.525 km
18402/03/2022S of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands6.624 km
18515/02/2023NW of Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast6.148 km


What is the biggest earthquake ever in New Zealand?

The strongest earthquake in New Zealand was in 1855 and caused 5,000 km2 of land to move. The strongest earthquake in the world in the past 100 years was in Chile in 1960.

How many earthquakes happened in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an earthquake-prone country, with an average of over 14,000 earthquakes being recorded each year. The vast majority of these earthquakes have a magnitude of less than 5.0, but some can be quite powerful. The most recent major earthquake to hit New Zealand occurred in November, with a magnitude of 7.8. According to the government’s GeoNet network data, it is estimated that New Zealand experiences around 10,000 to 20,000 earthquakes each year, with about 150 of them measuring at a magnitude of 5.0 or above.

What is the latest earthquake ever in New Zeland?

A big earthquake happened 50 kilometers away from Paraparaumu, New Zealand on February 15th, 2023 at 7:38 PM. The earthquake was deep and very strong near where it happened. People in many towns and cities around the area might have felt the earthquake.

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