List of Gender-Specific Adjectives with Sentence Examples

We will explore the concept of gender-specific adjectives and how they play a role in shaping our views of masculinity and femininity. We’ll also explore the list of gender-specific adjectives with sentence examples.

What is a gender-specific adjective?

A gender-specific adjective is an adjective that is used to describe a person or a thing in a way that specifically indicates their gender, whether it’s male or female. In many languages, including English, some adjectives change their form depending on whether they are describing a male or a female.

For example, in English, we have gender-specific adjectives like “handsome” (used for males) and “beautiful” (used for females). Another example could be “strong” (used for males) and “graceful” (used for females). These adjectives are specifically tied to the gender of the person or thing being described.

In modern English, there’s a growing trend toward using more gender-neutral language to be inclusive and avoid assumptions about a person’s gender. So, instead of using gender-specific adjectives, people often use gender-neutral ones that can be applied to both males and females alike, such as “smart,” “kind,” “talented,” etc. This helps ensure that language is respectful and inclusive of everyone.

Examples of gender-specific adjectives

Here are some examples of gender-specific adjectives:

Brave (male) / Dainty (female):

  • He is a brave firefighter, always risking his life to save others.
  • She wore a dainty dress with delicate floral patterns.

Charming (male) / Elegant (female):

  • The charming prince swept the princess off her feet with his wit and charisma.
  • She walked into the room with elegant grace, captivating everyone with her poise.

Handsome (male) / Pretty (female):

  • He was a handsome young man with a chiseled jawline and strong features.
  • She looked stunning in her pretty pink dress and matching accessories.

List of Gender-Specific Adjectives

Here’s a table with sentence examples for the list of gender-specific adjectives:

Male-specific adjectivesSentence ExamplesFemale-specific adjectivesSentence Examples
HandsomeHe is a handsome man with a charming smile.BeautifulShe looked beautiful in her evening gown.
BraveThe brave firefighter rushed into the burning building.GracefulShe danced gracefully across the stage.
StrongHe displayed his strong muscles during the competition.DelicateShe held the delicate flower gently in her hand.
CharmingThe charming prince charmed everyone at the ball.ElegantShe had an elegant posture as she walked down the aisle.
AmbitiousHe is an ambitious entrepreneur with big dreams.EmotionalShe became emotional when she heard the heartfelt speech.
IntelligentHe is an intelligent student who excels in math.NurturingShe has a nurturing and caring nature towards her friends.
ConfidentHe felt confident in his ability to tackle the challenge.CaringShe is a caring nurse, always putting her patients first.
BoldHe made a bold decision to start his own business.CompassionateShe showed great compassion towards those in need.
OutgoingHe’s an outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people.SensitiveShe is sensitive to other people’s feelings.
DeterminedDespite the obstacles, he remained determined to succeed.ThoughtfulShe gave a thoughtful gift to her best friend.

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