Listless Synonyms: 154 Similar and Opposite Words

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“Listless synonyms” refer to words that can be used interchangeably with “listless” in various contexts. When someone is described as listless, it means they lack energy, enthusiasm, or interest. Synonyms for listless include apathetic, lethargic, indifferent, and unenthusiastic. These words highlight different aspects of a person or situation lacking vitality or purpose. For instance, a listless student might show no interest in learning, while a listless atmosphere can feel dull and uninspiring. Exploring listless synonyms provides a rich vocabulary to express a range of emotions and situations associated with a lack of energy or enthusiasm.

Listless synonyms

1. Lack of energy or enthusiasm:

  • apathetic
  • lethargic
  • indifferent
  • disinterested
  • unenthusiastic
  • uninspired
  • spiritless
  • languid
  • passive

2. Lacking in interest or excitement:

  • dull
  • boring
  • monotonous
  • tedious
  • unexciting
  • uninteresting
  • uninspiring

3. Showing no inclination to move or act:

  • inert
  • motionless
  • immobile
  • idle
  • sluggish
  • stationary

4. Expressionless or lacking animation:

  • blank
  • vacant
  • expressionless
  • impassive
  • poker-faced
  • unresponsive

5. Lack of direction or purpose:

  • aimless
  • purposeless
  • wandering
  • drifting
  • without purpose

6. Indifferent or lacking concern:

  • unconcerned
  • aloof
  • detached
  • nonchalant
  • uninvolved

Other synonyms of listless:

vigourlesslacking energyeffete
half-hearteduninterestedpast caring
mopishneutralout of it

Listless antonyms

1. Energetic or enthusiastic:

  • enthusiastic
  • lively
  • animated
  • spirited
  • eager
  • dynamic
  • vibrant
  • excited

2. Full of interest or excitement:

  • engaging
  • captivating
  • interesting
  • thrilling
  • exciting

3. Active or showing a desire to move or act:

  • active
  • mobile
  • energetic
  • agile
  • responsive

4. Expressive or animated:

  • expressive
  • emotive

5. Purposeful or with a clear direction:

  • purposeful
  • directed
  • goal-oriented
  • focused
  • determined

6. Involved or concerned:

  • involved
  • concerned
  • caring
  • interested
  • engaged
  • attentive

Other antonyms of listless:


Listless synonym examples in sentences

  • Apathetic: After the team’s fifth consecutive loss, the fans became apathetic about the remainder of the season.
  • Lethargic: The hot weather made everyone feel lethargic, and productivity in the office dropped significantly.
  • Indifferent: Despite the urgent nature of the situation, he remained indifferent to the concerns of those around him.
  • Disinterested: The judge was disinterested in the lawyer’s arguments, showing no emotion or bias throughout the trial.
  • Unenthusiastic: The students were unenthusiastic about the prospect of another lecture on a Friday afternoon.
  • Uninspired: The artist felt uninspired and struggled to create anything meaningful during the creative block.
  • Spiritless: The team’s spiritless performance on the field disappointed the coach and the fans alike.
  • Languid: In the heat of the summer day, a languid breeze barely stirred the leaves on the trees.
  • Passive: The passive attitude of the committee members led to a lack of progress on important decisions.

Examples of listless sentences

  • Observe the child for increased thirst, listlessness or lethargy, decreased urine output, dark urine, and dry mucous membranes. [ScienceDirect]
  • Anecdotes of creative insights occurring during periods of listless thought pervade the annals of the sciences. [ScienceDirect]
  • Her eyes were listless as she stared out the window, lost in thought.
  • The meeting became increasingly listless as the agenda dragged on without any engaging discussions.
  • The hot and humid weather made everyone feel listless, longing for a break from the monotony.
  • The students’ listless response to the teacher’s question indicated a lack of interest in the topic.
  • Despite the exciting event, he felt strangely listless and unable to fully participate in the festivities.
  • The once lively party turned listless as the music slowed down and the energy dwindled.
  • The patient’s recovery was evident when he transitioned from a listless state to actively participating in therapy.
  • The cat lay in a listless manner on the windowsill, seemingly uninterested in the world outside.
  • The office atmosphere felt unusually listless on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend.
  • The team’s listless performance on the field disappointed both fans and coaching staff alike.

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