MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Cast and Release Dates

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The British documentary series “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared,” directed by Louise Malkinson, delves into the enigmatic disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014. It is currently accessible for streaming on Netflix.

In March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a single clue, leaving behind 239 passengers. Despite almost a decade since the incident, the families, investigators, scientists, and journalists persistently pursue the truth.

Cast of MH370: The Plane That Disappeared

  • Jeff Wise as Self, Aviation Journalist
  • Jiang Hui as Self
  • Danica Weeks as Self
  • Ghislain Wattrelos as Self, Husband & Father of MH370 Passengers
  • Mike Exner as Self, Aviation Expert
  • Mark Dickinson as Self, Inmarsat
  • Intan Othman as Self
  • Grace Nathan as Self, Daughter of MH370 Passenger
  • Blaine Gibson as Self, Adventurer
  • Fuad Sharuji as Self
  • Peter Foley as Self, Former MH370 Search Director, ATSB
  • Marie Dosé as Self, Ghislain’s Lawyer
  • Florence De Changy as Self, Author & Investigative Journalist
  • Cyndi Hendry as Self, Tomnod Volunteer
  • Azharuddin Abdul Rahman as Self

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Episodes

Episode 1, “The Pilot”, premiered on March 8, 2023. During Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s journey to Beijing, the plane vanishes from radar after takeoff. The public and relatives of the passengers anxiously seek information, while the pilot becomes the initial suspect.

Episode 2, “The Hijack”, also released on March 8, 2023, explores journalist Jeff Wise’s perspective on the MH370 flight, which was influenced by another Malaysia Airlines plane crash. This led to the development of a controversial new theory.

Episode 3, “The Intercept”, released on the same day, investigates the discovery of debris that may be connected to MH370. This has sparked further inquiries and a new hypothesis involving questionable cargo.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Release Date

On the ninth anniversary of its disappearance, Netflix is set to release a three-part docuseries about MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, starting from March 8th, 2023.

How to Watch it?

The series has been released and is currently available, you can check the online streaming platform, Netflix.

Story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

In 2014, a Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared while flying from Malaysia to China. All 239 people on board, including passengers and crew, are believed to have died. The plane was last heard from over the South China Sea and was later tracked by military radar. Despite extensive searches, the wreckage was not found. The disappearance was a big tragedy for Malaysia Airlines and caused financial problems. The search for the plane was the most expensive in aviation history. The cause of the disappearance is still unknown, but investigators have considered many theories, such as a possible hypoxia event, hijacking, or cargo issues. The final report in 2018 did not provide a clear explanation, but the aviation industry has taken steps to prevent similar tragedies.

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