Possessive Determiners Exercises

Possessive determiners are little words that help us do just that. In this blog, we’ll dive into possessive determiners exercises. These fun activities will teach you how to use words like “my,” “your,” and “their” correctly, making it easy to show who owns what in sentences. Let’s get started!

What Are Possessive Determinants?

Possessive determiners are a type of word used in English to indicate ownership or possession. They are placed before nouns to show that something belongs to someone or something else. Possessive determiners are an essential part of English grammar and are used to clarify relationships between people or objects.

In English, there are seven common possessive determiners:

  • My: Shows possession by the speaker. Example: “This is my car.”
  • Your: Shows possession by the person or people being addressed. Example: “Is this your book?”
  • His: Shows possession by a male person or thing. Example: “That is his bicycle.”
  • Her: Shows possession by a female person or thing. Example: “This is her house.”
  • Its: Shows possession by an animal or an inanimate object. Example: “The cat is licking its paw.”
  • Our: Shows possession by a group of people, including the speaker. Example: “We are going to our favorite restaurant.”
  • Their: Shows possession by a group of people or things, not including the speaker. Example: “Those are their backpacks.”

Possessive determiners exercises

Here are some sentences with blanks and a list of possessive determiners for students to match correctly:

1. Ramesh lost ____ keys in the park.

Possessive Determiners: (a) his, (b) our, (c) its, (d) your

Answer: (a) his

2. I can’t find ____ phone anywhere!

Possessive Determiners: (a) my, (b) his, (c) her, (d) their

Answer: (a) my

3. Is this ____ cat or ____ cat?

Possessive Determiners: (a) your, (b) you’re, (c) their, (d) there

Answer: (a) your, (c) their

4. Tim and Lisa live in ____ house by the beach.

Possessive Determiners: (a) her, (b) its, (c) our, (d) their

Answer: (d) their

5. The teacher praised ____ hard work.

Possessive Determiners: (a) his, (b) her, (c) our, (d) its

Answer: (c) our

6. We visited ____ grandparents last weekend.

Possessive Determiners: (a) my, (b) his, (c) our, (d) your

Answer: (c) our

7. It’s ____ turn to choose the movie tonight.

Possessive Determiners: (a) my, (b) our, (c) her, (d) his

Answer: (d) my/his/her

8. They enjoy spending time with ____ friends.

Possessive Determiners: (a) our, (b) her, (c) your, (d) their

Answer: (d) their

9. Please rent me ____ car.

Possessive Determiners: (a) his, (b) your, (c) our, (d) its

Answer: (b) your

10. The cat is playing with ____ ball of yarn.

Possessive Determiners: (a) its, (b) her, (c) your, (d) our

Answer: (a) its

11. He’s wearing ____ favorite hat today.

Possessive Determiners: (a) his, (b) her, (c) my, (d) our

Answer: (a) his

12. Can I borrow ____ laptop for a moment?

Possessive Determiners: (a) your, (b) its, (c) our, (d) her

Answer: (a) your

13. She is playing with ____ dolls in the garden.

Possessive Determiners: (a) her, (b) their, (c) my, (d) our

Answer: (a) her

14. The students completed ____ assignments on time.

Possessive Determiners: (a) their, (b) his, (c) your, (d) our

Answer: (d) our

15. We’re going to ____ favorite restaurant tonight.

Possessive Determiners: (a) our, (b) her, (c) your, (d) my

Answer: (a) our

16. Don’t forget to bring ____ umbrella. It’s going to rain.

Possessive Determiners: (a) your, (b) its, (c) their, (d) my

Answer: (a) your

17. She takes good care of ____ pets.

Possessive Determiners: (a) her, (b) our, (c) their, (d) my

Answer: (a) her

18. ____ computer is faster than ____ computer.

Possessive Determiners: (a) My, (b) Your, (c) Their, (d) Our

Answer: (a) My, (b) your

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