Slice and Solve: Fun Pizza Riddles With Answers

Welcome to a world of cheesy goodness and brain teasers! Today, we’re diving into the world of pizza riddles, where the answers are as satisfying as a slice of your favorite pie. Whether you’re a pizza lover, a riddle enthusiast, or just looking to challenge your mind, this collection of pizza-themed brain teasers will have you scratching your head and drooling for more. So, get ready to exercise your brain while indulging in your favorite comfort food as we serve up a piping hot plate of pizza riddles with answers.

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Pizza Riddles With Answers

1. How do you fix a broken pizza? Answer: With tomato paste.

2. I’m something that smells cheesy but I’m not a pair of socks. I am a food that is sliced and delivered in a box. Answer: Pizza

3. If you’re craving some fast food, then this thing might grant your wish. It sometimes has a stuffed crust and sometimes it is deep dish. Answer: Pizza

4. What did the angry customer at the Italian restaurant give the chef? Answer: A pizza of his mind!

5. What did the pepperoni say to the cook? Answer: “You wanna pizza me?”

6. What do a gynocologist and a pizza boy have in common? Answer: They can smell it but they cant eat it!

7. What do you call a fake pizza? Answer: A pizza lie.

8. What do you call a pizza that’s out of this world? Answer: An extra-terrestrial pizza.

9. What do you call a sleeping pizza? Answer: A piZZZZZZa.

10. What do you call a sleeping pizza? Answer: PiZZZa.

11. What do you get when you cross a pizza with a snowman? Answer: Froze ‘za.

12. What does a pizza say when it introduces itself? Answer: Slice to meet you.

13. What does a pizza wear to smell good? Answer: Calzogne

14. What happens when you ask the waiter “will my pizza be long?” Answer: The will tell you “No sir, it will be round!”

15. What is green and sings and will be good on your pizza? Answer: Elvis Parsley

16. What is the best thing to put in a pizza? Answer: Teeth

17. What kind of person doesn’t like pizza? Answer: A weirdough

18. What kind of pizza do you order on Christmas? Answer: Cheeses Crust.

19. What kind of pizza do you order on Halloween? Answer: A pepper-ghoul-i pizza.

20. What would you get if you stacked up thousands of pizzas? Answer: The leaning tower of pizzas!

21. What’s the difference between a redneck and a large pepperoni pizza? Answer: A large pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four!

22. Why did the man go into the pizza business? Answer: He wanted to make some dough.

23. Why did the mushroom go to the party? Answer: Because he was a fungi (fun guy) to be with on pizza.

24. Why did the pizza go to outer space? Answer: To visit the planet pepper-oni.

25. Why did the pizza go to the doctor? Answer: Because it felt saucy.

26. Why did the pizza maker run out of dough? Answer: He kneaded the dough.

27. Why do restaurants put pizza in square boxes? Answer: Because they don’t cut corners.

28. Why does the mushroom always get invited to pizza parties? Answer: Because he’s such a fungi!

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