Who is Neal Mohan who has been chosen as the new CEO of YouTube?


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Get here the small information about Neal Mohan who has been chosen as the new CEO of YouTube.

Neal Mohan, an executive with Indian roots, has been selected to take over as the new CEO of YouTube after current CEO Susan Wojcicki moves on to become an advisor at Google. Both have worked at Google for many years. Mohan joined in 2008 when Google acquired DoubleClick, where he had served as a senior vice president. At Google, Mohan was responsible for the company’s Display and Video advertising business and helped it become one of its most successful ventures.

About Neal Mohan

Neal Mohan is the new CEO of YouTube, taking over from Susan Wojcicki in February 2023. He was born in India and moved to America. He went to Stanford University and studied electrical engineering. It’s not clear if he was born in 1975 or 1976.

After college, Neal Mohan worked for Accenture and then joined the startup Net Gravity in 1997, where he played a crucial role in its growth. Net Gravity was later acquired by DoubleClick, and Mohan became VP of business operations. In 2003, he went to Stanford for his MBA. After graduating, he returned to DoubleClick as part of a team that helped the company refocus on advertising. Their plan was presented in a 400-slide PowerPoint and was approved by the board. This plan is still influential in business today.

Neal Mohan’s Google Career

In 2007, Google bought DoubleClick for $3.1 billion, with help from Susan Wojcicki and Neal Mohan. Mohan joined Google and became a key player in their business operations. When Twitter and Facebook tried to hire him, Google gave him $100 million in bonuses to stay. Mohan also led Google’s acquisition of Invite Media for $85 million in 2010. He was a senior vice president at Google before moving to YouTube.

Neal Mohan as YouTube’s CEO

Mohan became YouTube’s Chief Product Officer in 2015 and oversaw the launch of many major features, like YouTube Music and Shorts. He also worked to remove extremist content. When Wojcicki resigned as CEO on Feb 16, 2023, Mohan replaced her. While some are excited about the change, others worry that his past actions, like supporting NFTs and removing the dislike counter, could hurt the site.

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