Zebra Riddles With Answers to Test Your Knowledge

In this blog, we’re going to explore the mysterious and magnificent zebra through a series of riddles that will challenge your wit and test your knowledge of these fascinating creatures. Get ready to engage your brain and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test as we uncover the answers to these zebra riddles. Let’s saddle up and get started on this zebra-rific adventure!

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Zebra Riddles With Answers

1. A zebra was going to the river. On the way the zebra encountered five giraffes. Each giraffe had five monkeys on their neck. How many animals were going to the river? Answer: Just one the zebra. The other 30 animals (5 giraffes and 25 monkeys) were going the other way.

2. Did you know that scientists crossed a zebra and a donkey? Answer: They called it a zeedonk.

3. How do you tell a male zebra from a female zebra? Answer: The male has black and white stripes and the female has white and black stripes.

4. How does a zebra cross a river? Answer: On a striped raft.

5. I am an animal with black and white are my stripes. I look like a horse and there is a crossing named after me in the cities. Who am I? Answer: Zebra

6. I am an animal with only black and white colour on my body. Guess who am I? Answer: Zebra and Panda

7. I am white and I am black. I am fast and I am not fat. I confuse many people with my style. Who am i? Answer: Zebra

8. If a quadruped has four legs and a biped has two legs, what is a zebra? Answer: A stri-ped.

9. The alphabet goes from A to Z. What goes from Z to A? Answer: Zebra

10. There are zebras and ostriches in this Zoo. You count 80 heads and 200 legs. Can you find the number of Zebras and the number of Ostriches in the Zoo? Answer: The number of Ostriches = 60 & The number of Zebras = 20

11. There were ten zebras in the zoo. All but nine escaped. How many were left? Answer: Nine!

12. What are the rules in zebra baseball? Answer: Three stripes and you’re out.

13. What did the blonde name her pet zebra? Answer: Spot!

14. What did the zebra say to the lion who asked why it had stripes? Answer: “Because I don’t want to be spotted!”

15. What do you call a Jewish zebra? Answer: A zebrew.

Zebra Riddles to Explore the World of Striped Horses

16. What do you call a zebra that can’t stop laughing? Answer: A laughing-stripe

17. What do you call a zebra? Answer: 26 sizes larger than an A-bra

18. What do you get when you cross a zebra and a cow? Answer: Striped milk!

19. What’s black, white and laughing? Answer: The zebra that pushed the other zebra into the swimming pool!

20. Which animal has the largest breasts? Answer: The ZeBRA

21. Why did the bus stop? Answer: Because it saw the zebra crossing.

22. Why did the zebra cross the road? Answer: To prove he wasn’t a donkey.

23. Why did the zebra go to school? Answer: To learn how to read and white.

24. Why did the zebra go to the doctor? Answer: Because he had a bad case of stripes!

25. Why do you never see zebras or antelopes at Victoria Station? Answer: Because its a mane-lion station!

26. Why do zebras have stripes? Answer: Because the spots where all over.

27. Why do zebras make terrible pets? Answer: They’re always on the run.

28. Why does the zebra bring toilet paper to the party? Answer: Because he is a party pooper.

29. Why don’t zebras play poker in the jungle? Answer: Because there are too many cheetahs.

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