Zwigato Box Office Collection: A Box Office Disaster?

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Zwigato has a lifetime box office collection of ₹3.53 crores in India, a relatively modest figure, especially considering the film’s lead, Kapil Sharma, is a popular comedian and actor. However, there are several factors that could explain the film’s underperformance at the box office.

Firstly, Zwigato faced stiff competition as it was released on the same day as two other major films, “Kabzaa” and “Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway,” leading to a battle for screen time and audience attention.

Secondly, the film’s serious and socially relevant theme may not have resonated with a broad audience.

Thirdly, its release coincided with a challenging period for the Hindi film industry, marked by the underperformance of many Bollywood films in recent months.

Despite its modest box office earnings, Zwigato has garnered favorable reviews from critics, who have commended its realistic portrayal of the lives of food delivery workers and its social commentary.

It’s possible that the film may discover a larger audience on streaming platforms or OTT services.

More About Zwigato

Zwigato: A 2023 Indian Hindi-language drama film, directed by Nandita Das, unfolds the compelling story of a middle-class couple, portrayed by Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami. Struggling to make ends meet, they are forced into the challenging world of food delivery work.

The film delves deep into the trials and tribulations faced by gig workers in India, shedding light on the prevalent social and economic disparities within the country.

Critics have lauded ‘Zwigato’ for its realistic depiction of the lives of food delivery workers. Director Nandita Das was deeply committed to revealing the ‘human face’ of the gig economy and drew inspiration from interviews with real-life food delivery workers while crafting the script.

Beyond its portrayal of gig work, ‘Zwigato’ serves as a poignant social commentary on contemporary India. It courageously explores themes such as class inequality, caste discrimination, and the exploitation of labor. Nandita Das aimed to initiate meaningful conversations about these critical issues through her work.

The film has received widespread acclaim from critics, particularly for Kapil Sharma’s departure from his comedic roles and Shahana Goswami’s portrayal of a strong, independent woman.

In essence, ‘Zwigato’ stands as an important cinematic work, illuminating the lives of gig workers and challenging viewers to confront pressing social and economic challenges. It is a must-watch, offering both entertainment and thought-provoking commentary.

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