100 Examples of Adjectives with Plural Nouns in English


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Welcome to our comprehensive list of 100 examples of adjectives with plural nouns!” Adjectives are essential elements in the English language that add color, description, and depth to our sentences. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a student striving to improve your grammar, or a writer seeking to add richness to your prose, this collection will be a valuable resource for you.

Adjective Agreement with Plural Nouns

Adjective agreement with plural nouns in English is a way to make sure that the words we use to describe multiple things match and make sense together. When we talk about more than one person, animal, place, or thing (plural nouns), the adjectives we use to describe them should also be in the plural form.

For most adjectives, making them agree with plural nouns is easy. We usually just add an “s” at the end of the adjective. For example:

  • The big house becomes The big houses.
  • The happy children become The happy children.

But there are a few special cases to watch out for, like when an adjective ends in “y,” “o,” “s,” “sh,” “ch,” “x,” or “z.” In those situations, we might need to make some changes. For example:

  • The happy boy becomes The happy boys.
  • The small potato becomes The small potatoes.

Examples of Adjective Agreement with Plural Nouns

Here are some examples of adjective agreement with plural nouns in English:

The tall tree becomes tall trees.

The funny clown becomes funny clowns.

The small dog becomes small dogs.

The happy child becomes happy children.

The big house becomes big houses.

The pretty flower becomes pretty flowers.

The busy street becomes busy streets.

The noisy crowd becomes noisy crowds.

The serious problem becomes serious problems.

The delicious cake becomes delicious cakes.

The shiny car becomes shiny cars.

The comfortable chair becomes comfortable chairs.

The clever student becomes clever students.

The green apple becomes green apples.

The polite gesture becomes polite gestures.

List of 100 Examples of Adjectives with Plural Nouns

AdjectivesPlural NounsSentence Examples
TallTreesThe tall trees provide shade in the park.
FunnyClownsThe funny clowns made the audience laugh.
SmallDogsThe small dogs chased their tails in the yard.
HappyChildrenThe happy children played in the playground.
BigHousesThe big houses have beautiful gardens.
PrettyFlowersThe pretty flowers bloomed in spring.
BusyStreetsThe busy streets were bustling with activity.
NoisyCrowdsThe noisy crowds cheered for their team.
SeriousProblemsThe serious problems need urgent attention.
DeliciousCakesThe delicious cakes were devoured by everyone.
ShinyCarsThe shiny cars sparkled under the sun.
ComfortableChairsThe comfortable chairs provided a relaxing experience.
CleverStudentsThe clever students aced their exams.
GreenApplesThe green apples were ripe and juicy.
PoliteGesturesThe polite gestures impressed the guests.
BeautifulBeachesThe beautiful beaches attract tourists every year.
BraveSoldiersThe brave soldiers defended their country.
ModernBuildingsThe modern buildings changed the city’s skyline.
ColorfulBalloonsThe colorful balloons floated in the sky.
SweetCherriesThe sweet cherries were a treat for everyone.
FastHorsesThe fast horses raced around the track.
ComfortableBedsThe comfortable beds ensured a good night’s sleep.
StrongWindsThe strong winds blew away the leaves.
HappyCouplesThe happy couples celebrated their anniversaries.
WiseOwlsThe wise owls hooted in the moonlit night.
RichFamiliesThe rich families lived in luxurious mansions.
AdorablePuppiesThe adorable puppies played in the garden.
StrongAthletesThe strong athletes competed in the sports event.
AngryBirdsThe angry birds chirped loudly in the trees.
CleverMonkeysThe clever monkeys solved the puzzle quickly.
CleanRoomsThe clean rooms were ready for the guests.
SweetMemoriesThe sweet memories brought tears of joy.
ExcitedFansThe excited fans cheered for their favorite team.
FunnyJokesThe funny jokes made everyone laugh.
BraveFirefightersThe brave firefighters rescued the people from the fire.
BrightStarsThe bright stars twinkled in the night sky.
HealthyVegetablesThe healthy vegetables were freshly harvested.
ColdWatersThe cold waters of the lake were refreshing.
HeavyBoxesThe heavy boxes were difficult to carry.
BeautifulButterfliesThe beautiful butterflies fluttered around the flowers.
BusyBeesThe busy bees buzzed around the hive.
HungryGuestsThe hungry guests eagerly waited for the dinner.
TiredTravelersThe tired travelers rested in the cozy hotel.
CreativeArtistsThe creative artists showcased their work in the gallery.
HappyFriendsThe happy friends celebrated their reunion.
GreenLeavesThe green leaves danced in the breeze.
ExcitingAdventuresThe exciting adventures awaited the brave explorers.
OldHousesThe old houses had a vintage charm.
SmallFishesThe small fishes swam in the clear pond.
SillyPuppiesThe silly puppies played and rolled in the grass.
SmartStudentsThe smart students excelled in their studies.
PeacefulMeadowsThe peaceful meadows were filled with wildflowers.
NoisyKidsThe noisy kids were playing in the playground.
BeautifulBirdsThe beautiful birds sang melodious tunes.
AngryCustomersThe angry customers complained about the service.
SpaciousRoomsThe spacious rooms provided ample space for guests.
PlayfulKittensThe playful kittens chased their tails all day.
FastCarsThe fast cars raced on the track.
CuriousChildrenThe curious children asked many questions.
DeliciousPizzasThe delicious pizzas were topped with fresh ingredients.
GentleBreezesThe gentle breezes cooled down the hot day.
ModernApartmentsThe modern apartments had all the latest amenities.
FierceLionsThe fierce lions roared in the jungle.
ScaryMoviesThe scary movies kept the audience on edge.
AthleticTeamsThe athletic teams trained hard for the championship.
ColorfulPaintingsThe colorful paintings adorned the art gallery.
PoliteCustomersThe polite customers thanked the waiter for the service.
FriendlyNeighborsThe friendly neighbors helped each other.
WarmSweatersThe warm sweaters kept us cozy in winter.
DeliciousCookiesThe delicious cookies melted in our mouths.
EagerStudentsThe eager students raised their hands to answer.
BeautifulHorsesThe beautiful horses galloped across the field.
SpicyDishesThe spicy dishes tantalized our taste buds.
OldFriendsThe old friends reminisced about their school days.
CuriousMonkeysThe curious monkeys explored the jungle.
ExcitingGamesThe exciting games kept everyone entertained.
SweetMelodiesThe sweet melodies touched our hearts.
BraveSoldiersThe brave soldiers fought for their country.
CleanDishesThe clean dishes gleamed in the sunlight.
PlayfulDolphinsThe playful dolphins leaped out of the water.
ColorfulFlowersThe colorful flowers bloomed in the garden.
AdventurousTravelersThe adventurous travelers explored unknown lands.
FreshVegetablesThe fresh vegetables were sourced from the farm.
ScaryGhostsThe scary ghosts haunted the old house.
EnthusiasticFansThe enthusiastic fans cheered for their favorite team.
ReliableCarsThe reliable cars never broke down on long trips.
CarefulDriversThe careful drivers followed all traffic rules.
PoliteGuestsThe polite guests thanked the hosts for the dinner.
WildAnimalsThe wild animals roamed freely in the jungle.
DeliciousFruitsThe delicious fruits were ripe and juicy.
SurprisedParentsThe surprised parents received unexpected gifts.
EnergeticDancersThe energetic dancers performed breathtaking routines.
SoftPillowsThe soft pillows provided a comfortable sleep.
FriendlyDogsThe friendly dogs wagged their tails at visitors.
CreativeWritersThe creative writers penned imaginative stories.
SpaciousGardensThe spacious gardens had vibrant flowers and trees.
CuriousCatsThe curious cats explored every corner of the house.
HelpfulVolunteersThe helpful volunteers assisted at the community event.
ExcitedChildrenThe excited children ran towards the playground.
BrightColorsThe bright colors adorned the walls of the art gallery.
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