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Welcome to the world of 3-letter words starting with B with their meanings! Have you ever wondered about the countless words that exist in the English language? Three-letter words, in particular, might seem small, but they hold tremendous power in our communication. In this article, we’ll explore the meanings of some of the most intriguing three-letter words starting with B. These words are sure to broaden your vocabulary and add a little bit of excitement to your language.

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3-Letter Words Starting With B With Their Meanings

1. bab – to utter meaningless sounds, like a baby

2. bac – abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

3. bad – not good or desirable; poor quality

4. bag – a container made of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things

5. bah – an exclamation of disgust or annoyance

6. bal – a type of dance music popular in South America

7. bam – a sudden, forceful impact or hit

8. ban – to prohibit or forbid something

9. bap – a small, soft bread roll

10. bar – a place where alcoholic drinks are served

11. bas – the plural of “ba”, a type of silk fabric

12. bat – a flying mammal with wings consisting of skin stretched over a framework of bones

13. bay – a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward

14. bed – a piece of furniture for sleeping on

15. bee – a flying insect that collects nectar and pollen from flowers

16. beg – to ask someone earnestly or humbly for something

17. bel – to emit a loud, deep sound like that of a bell

18. ben – a mountain peak in Scotland

19. bes – the plural of “be”, the name of a letter in the alphabet

20. bet – to risk money on the outcome of an event or competition

21. bey – a Turkish title of honor for high officials

22. bib – a garment worn to protect clothes while eating

23. bid – to offer a certain price for something at an auction or sale

24. big – of great size or extent

25. bin – a container for storing things

26. bio – a short form of “biography”

27. bis – a musical term meaning “played twice”

28. bit – a small piece or quantity of something

29. biz – a slang term for business

30. boa – a long, thin scarf made of feathers or fur

31. bob – to move up and down quickly and repeatedly

32. bod – a slang term for “body”

33. bog – an area of wet, spongy ground

34. boo – to make a loud, negative sound to show disapproval

35. bop – a style of jazz music characterized by fast, rhythmic tempos

36. bot – short for “robot”

37. bow – a weapon consisting of a curved piece of wood with a string stretched between its ends, used for shooting arrows

38. box – a container made of stiff material with a lid, used for storing or transporting things

39. boy – a male child or young person

40. bra – a woman’s undergarment designed to support the breasts

41. bro – a slang term for “brother”

42. brr – an exclamation indicating that one is feeling cold

43. bud – a small swelling on a plant that will grow into a leaf, flower, or shoot

44. bug – a small insect or other arthropod

45. bum – a homeless person

46. bun – a small, sweet bread roll

47. bur – a rough, prickly seedcase or covering

48. bus – a large motor vehicle designed to carry passengers

49. but – used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or contradicts a previous statement

50. buy – to obtain something in exchange for money

51. bye – a shortened form of “goodbye”

52. byre – a type of cowshed or stable.

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