3 Letter Words Starting With N With Their Meanings

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Welcome to the world of abbreviations, where we explore the meanings of 3 letter words starting with the letter N. From the common “net” to the more unusual “nab”, we’ll take a journey through the vocabulary of the letter N, exploring the depths of its linguistic landscape. So, let us embark on this quest to discover the meaning behind these three-letter words starting with N, and uncover the secrets of this fascinating world of language.

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3 Letter Words Starting With N With Their Meanings

1. Nab – to seize or grab something quickly and forcefully.

2. Nag – to irritate or annoy someone by repeatedly finding fault or complaining.

3. Nah – an expression used to convey a negative response or rejection.

4. Nap – a brief period of sleep.

5. Nay – an expression used to indicate disagreement or refusal.

6. Nib – the pointed end of a pen or pencil used for writing or drawing.

7. Nil – nothing, zero, or a score of no points in a game or competition.

8. Nim – quick-witted or clever.

9. Nip – to pinch or bite something quickly and sharply.

10. Nit – a small insect, the egg of a louse, or a foolish person.

11. Nix – to cancel or reject something.

12. Nob – a person of high social rank or nobility.

13. Nod – to move one’s head up and down as a gesture of greeting, agreement, or acknowledgment.

14. Nor – used to connect two negative clauses or to introduce a further negative statement.

15. Not – used to express negation, denial, or refusal.

16. Now – at the present time or moment.

17. Nth – used to refer to an unspecified position in a series or sequence, typically after the ninth.

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