How to Find The Shovel in Sons of the Forest?


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Get here the information about how to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is a new scary game that took a long time to make, and was delayed a few times. It just came out on PC and lots of people are playing it already. It’s a follow-up to another game called The Forest. In the game, you wake up on a strange island and have to survive by finding things to help you. But there are no instructions on how to do this. Many players are having trouble finding a tool called a shovel, which they need to fight monsters in the game.

In Sons of the Forest, shovels are very important. They can help you dig and protect yourself from enemies. Even though shovels are common in other games, finding one in Sons of the Forest can be hard. Some players spent hours trying to find it after the game was released.

If you want to find the shovel but don’t know where to search, this is the place in Sons of the Forest where you should go.

How to Find The Shovel in Sons of the Forest?

To find the shovel in Sons of the Forest, you need to go to a cave near the center of the map. To get there, you have to use a zip wire and dive down, so you need diving equipment like a Rebreather. You also need a Rope Gun to use the zip wire, which you can find in a cave near the 3D Printer’s cave.

The cave you’re looking for is next to a big mountain range, but there are dangerous enemies around, so be careful. Use your GPS to follow the locations you need to visit. When you reach the bottom of the third cave system, you’ll find the shovel on the ground.

With the shovel, you can dig to find important items like a keycard and bunker, which are essential to progress in the game. We’ll keep updating this guide with more information as we learn more about finding the shovel.

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