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Get here the information about the video game Sons of the Forest release date & time.

The eagerly anticipated cooperative survival horror game, Sons of the Forest, is preparing for its early access launch. The game’s release on Steam was slightly delayed due to issues with the platform. However, after overcoming some technical hurdles, players are now able to dive into this thrilling experience.

Sons of the Forest Arrives

The highly anticipated release of Sons of the Forest, a co-op survival game, is just around the corner. Players will soon have the opportunity to explore a mysterious and perilous island, either on their own or with up to eight companions. Survival will be the key as they must gather resources, find food and clean water, craft weapons and equipment, build a stronghold, and fend off the island’s terrifying cannibals. This game, a follow-up to Endnight Games’ The Forest, promises an exhilarating adventure.

Sons of the Forest Release Times by Region

For eager survival enthusiasts awaiting the launch of Sons of the Forest, here are the release times for various regions to help with planning:

Release Date: Sons of the Forest on Steam Early Access is set for February 23, with a planned global unlock time of 9 am PT. Here are the corresponding release times for other time zones:

  • Los Angeles: 9 am PT
  • New York: 12 pm ET
  • London: 5 pm GMT
  • Paris: 6 pm CET
  • Sydney: 4 am AEDT (Friday)

Game Details and Early Access

Sons of the Forest cannot be pre-loaded or pre-purchased on Steam, but it is expected to be priced at $30. The game is anticipated to remain in early access for 6-8 months, though this duration may change based on player feedback. Those seeking more information can watch the multiplayer trailer showcasing co-op building and the horrifying creatures that lurk within the game. Notably, it has already become the most-wishlisted game on Steam, surpassing even Starfield, ensuring a vibrant player community for those diving into the game tomorrow.

As the release date approaches, the excitement for Sons of the Forest continues to grow. With its promising features and co-op survival gameplay, it’s no wonder that gamers are eagerly counting down the hours until they can embark on this thrilling adventure.

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