Sons of the Forest Release Date & Time

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The eagerly anticipated cooperative survival horror game is getting ready to launch in its early access stage. Sons of the Forest has been released on Steam, though its launch was slightly delayed due to an issue either with the game’s Steam page or with Steam’s platform. I experienced difficulty purchasing the game due to frequent site errors and login timeouts, but after several attempts, I was able to successfully download it and begin playing.

The eagerly anticipated release of Sons of the Forest (opens in new tab), a co-op survival game, is finally drawing near. Players will soon have the opportunity to venture onto an enigmatic and perilous island either alone or with up to eight companions. To survive, they must procure resources, locate sustenance and clean water, construct weapons and equipment, erect a stronghold, and fend off the island’s dreadful cannibals. This follow-up to Endnight Games’ The Forest (opens in new tab) promises to be an exhilarating adventure.

Survival enthusiasts are likely anticipating the opportunity to play Sons of the Forest, particularly due to its multiple delays. To assist with planning, the release times for Sons of the Forest are listed below by region.

Sons of the Forest release date & time

The release date for Sons of the Forest on Steam Early Access is February 23, with a planned global unlock time of 9 am PT. Here are the corresponding release times for other time zones:

Los Angeles: 9 am PT

New York: 12 pm ET

London: 5 pm GMT

Paris: 6 pm CET

Sydney: 4 am AEDT (Friday)

Sons of the Forest cannot be pre-loaded or pre-purchased on Steam, but it is anticipated to cost $30. The game is expected to remain in early access for 6-8 months, although this may change depending on feedback from players. For those seeking further details, a multiplayer trailer displaying co-op building and terrifying fleshy monsters has been released. Additionally, it has surpassed Starfield as the most-wishlisted game on Steam, so there will be numerous players to join you if you decide to play tomorrow.

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