How to Assign Items to Hotkeys in Sons of The Forest?

Do you need help putting items on hotkeys and the Hotbar in Sons of The Forest? It’s a new game similar to The Forest. We’ll show you how to assign items to hotkeys in Sons of The Forest in this guide.

How can you assign items to hotkeys and quick slots in Sons of The Forest?

Does Sons of The Forest have a hotbar? To be clear, as far as we know right now, there is no way to put items on hotkeys in Sons of The Forest.

To access the quick-select menu, press and hold the “I” button, which will open your backpack. Only certain items can be hotkeyed, and weapons cannot be assigned to hotkeys at this time, as we are still early in the game.

To assign your inventory backpack, open the main inventory mat and right-click on your backpack at the top right. Select the items you want to have on your backpack, and they will appear in the quick-select menu when you hold “I”. However, there are currently issues with the Sons of The Forest quick slots, as reported by numerous players on Discord and Reddit. One player warns of a glitch that may cause the game to crash if you attempt to open your quick slots. Proceed with caution when opening your backpack to avoid any glitches that could potentially break the game. We will provide updates to our “Sons of The Forest Assign Items to Hotkeys & Quick Slots” guide as more information becomes available.

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