New Zealand Earthquake: Wellington hit by a 6.1 magnitude Earthquake


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New Zealand Earthquake: A really big earthquake happened in the northwest of Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday. It was measured as a 6.1 on a scale used to measure earthquakes. The earthquake was deep underground at 57.4 km. It happened at 7.38 pm, 50 km northwest of Paraparaumu. Lots of people felt it and told GeoNet, more than 31000 in just 15 minutes.

A big earthquake happened and many people felt it. Experts got 60,000 messages about it. Most people said it felt like a little shake, but some said it was a big one. Luckily, no one got hurt and nothing got broken. There’s no danger of a tsunami.

A big earthquake happened 20 minutes after a smaller one. It was 45 km away from Taumarunui. This happened 10 hours after another small earthquake near the same town. New Zealand had a big storm called Cyclone Gabrielle, which caused a lot of damage and made many people leave their homes. The prime minister was not happy about the earthquake and joked that he was looking for locusts outside.

New Zealand is in an area with lots of earthquakes and volcanoes called the “Ring of Fire.” Even though a big storm is leaving, another one is coming soon that will bring more heavy rain. This could cause more landslides and flooding. Some places are still cut off because of the floods and landslides. Sadly, a child and a firefighter who was volunteering to help have died. Emergency services are getting ready to make their last rescues on Wednesday.

Over 300 people were saved on Tuesday in Hawke’s Bay, with 60 of them rescued from a single rooftop. Emergency services are still helping people in different areas. A weather station in the region had recorded three times the usual amount of rainfall for February. By Wednesday, nearly 1,500 people were uncontactable in the North Island, and 144,000 properties had no power. There is a lot of damage to homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and other important things, and it will take a long time to fix.

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