Winter Riddles With Answers to Keep You Sharp and Entertained

As the chilly breeze of winter settles in, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and solve some brain teasers! In this blog, we’ll be exploring some of the best winter riddles with answers that will test your wits and leave you feeling delightfully puzzled. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends and family during the winter season or simply want to challenge your own mind, these riddles are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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Winter Riddles With Answers

1. During Christmas, you might see a small tree with leaves that look like flowers, but it’s just a bush that’s on fire. What is it? Answer: Poinsettia

2. What do minus zero, negative zero, and below zero have in common? Answer: They are all extremely cold.

3. I can be a beautiful fairyland in dreams, but I can be terrible when I cover the land with ice. What am I? Answer: Winter

4. I am a huge and destructive fluffy pile, and when I move, you need to get out of the way quickly. What am I? Answer: Avalanche

5. I am a tool made of plastic or metal that’s used for play or work, and you’ll usually see me in a sandbox, but I’m mostly used in the winter. What am I? Answer: Shovel

6. I am an unexpected, ferocious, dreadful, bitter, violent, and bad weather condition that can ruin your plans. What am I? Answer: Blizzard

7. I am white and beautiful, like snow, but not as cold as ice. Who am I? Answer: Snow White

8. I am a circle made of flowers and leaves, worn to celebrate a successful victory, and I come in different sizes. What am I? Answer: Wreath

9. I am a large, white animal with thick fur that can swim or walk for miles and lives in the Arctic. What am I? Answer: Polar bear

10. I come in many colors and varieties, can be eaten or drunk, and may keep the doctor away. What am I? Answer: Apples

11. I have four sides, I am small, and I can spin. If you want to play, you can bet chocolate coins and hope to win. What am I? Answer: Dreidel

12. I have wings, but I can’t fly. I am a royal but not a king, and I lay eggs but I’m not a chicken. What am I? Answer: Queen bee

13. If you come to the Arctic, you’ll see me everywhere. I am pulled by huskies and used to slide downhill. What am I? Answer: Sled

14. I am worn outside to keep you warm in cold weather. Sometimes I am made of plastic, fur, wool, or even leather. What am I? Answer: Winter coat

15. On a cold December morning, you might see me everywhere, fluffy and white, making everything bright. What am I? Answer: Snow

16. We come in pairs and keep your hands warm in cold weather. We can be made of leather or wool. What are we? Answer: Winter gloves

17. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Answer: Snowflakes

18. What do December, January, and February have in common? Answer: The letter “r”

19. What kind of crystals don’t break when they hit the ground? Answer: Snow crystals, because they are made of ice.

20. When is the best time to buy a thermometer? Answer: In the winter, when temperatures are lower.

21. Which of the following is not white? Igloo, white dove, polar bears, milk, marshmallows, or snow? Answer: Polar bears, because their fur is transparent and pigment-free.

22. You can find me in abundance in Greenland, in a box, and in sweet treats, but you’ll never find me in an oven. What am I? Answer: Ice

23. You can only do this every four years on snow or ice. People do their best to win. What is it? Answer: Winter Olympic Games

24. You can see me bundled up in a white house up north. My diet is mainly Paleo. Who am I? Answer: Eskimo

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